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‘Entourage’ Recap, Ep. 10: “Seth Green Day”

[IMG:L]10:02: Hey, Bow Wow — sorry, Shad Moss — is back (as Charlie), and having sex. Seth Green is also back (as himself), though not having sex. Green, Eric’s archenemy, has been picked to star alongside Charlie, Eric’s client, in his new TV pilot. Which means trouble’s brewin’.

10:03: Tempur-Pedic plug! (Courtesy of Johnny Drama, of course.)

10:04: Ari’s daughter (Cassidy Lehrman) has apparently aged a decade since last season.

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10:05: Seth is annoying right off the bat, but still funnily annoying. He and his entourage apparently spend their downtime smoking pot, too.

10:07: Round 1 of Vince confronting Verner (Stellan Skarsgard), the erratic director of Smokejumpers, about his lines being cut.

10:08: Barbara Miller (Beverly D’Angelo) is the 33rd most powerful woman in quasi-fictional Hollywood. Good to know.

10:09: It’s time for Extreme Makeover: Miller-Gold Edition, as Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) must be made to “look like an agent” for his sit-down with Barbara.

10:11: Drama extends his hand to introduce himself and gets ignored for the 2,119th time (unconfirmed).

10:14: Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) is back, and hotter than ever. And single! As per Seth’s demands, E asks her to call Seth to persuade him to star in the TV show. Although E and Sloan’s encounter might as well have bore the subtitle “See ya in a future episode.”

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10:16: Round 2 of Vince confronting Verner about his lines being cut.

10:19: Andrew suffers his first panic attack since 1993 during his meet-and-pitch with Barbara, seemingly squandering the opportunity to work for Miller-Gold.

10:21: Verner likens Vince’s performance to a dog trying to understand what its master is saying, and claims Vince suffers from a lip-quiver problem.

10:23: Ari to the rescue! After threatening to start a “civil war” with Barbara and/or leave her (not to mention insulting her womanhood for the umpteenth time), he secures a job for his old buddy Andrew.

10:25: Seth threatens to walk from the TV show unless Charlie gets rid of E, at which point Charlie stands up for his manager and beats down Seth.

10:26: Drama and Turtle are in the midst of a similar brawl over Wii Tennis.

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10:27: Vince tries to keep his “head straight” by balancing a tin can on his head, which marks the second uneventful ending in the past three episodes — and the second episode of the season to not feature an ‘Oh, sh*t’ phone call.

10:29: Previews for next week: Jamie-Lynn Sigler returns because she didn’t get her Turtle fill last time (and because Turtle’s due for another story arc); Vince’s lines appear to get cut entirely from Smokejumpers, thus setting the stage for another crisis-mode season finale (the following week).

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