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‘Entourage’ Recap, Ep. 8

[IMG:L]10:04: The boys are getting ready to fly home from Hawaii, but they only have one first-class seat–which naturally goes to…Turtle? It must be his lucky day, because he winds up sitting next to Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who promptly drops a ‘C’ bomb!

10:07: Ari’s staff is not happy with his much-rumored Warner Brothers deal–which Variety reports to be for $10 million–and Lloyd (Rex Lee) is especially bitter.

10:08: Turtle is playing it coy about his seat next to Sigler and what transpired during the flight–that is, until the guys prod him enough. He claims the former Meadow Soprano performed a certain, unrepeatable sex act (hint: Refer to the title of the episode) on him while in the air. Vince, E and Drama don’t buy Turtle’s account, citing his weight and looks… Tough episode to be Jerry Ferrara!

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10:09: As Vince and Co. consider ditching Ari, Josh Weinstein (Joshua LeBar) tries to swoop in, offering a sit-down with Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont as a show of goodwill.

10:10: Lloyd makes a pitch of his own–for Ari to stay. To me this is when it becomes clear that Ari will ultimately turn down the Warner Brothers job, because whenever Lloyd earnestly voices his opinion, it resonates with Ari. Plus, Ari just isn’t that bad a guy when it comes down to it.

10:11: Drama considers hiring an FBI friend to get to the bottom of the Turtle/Jamie-Lynn Sigler case. That is so Drama.

10:13: Frank Darabont breaks some unfortunate news to Vince: He only had him in mind for a TV role. Not exactly what a movie star wants to hear.

10:16: The uber-annoying Josh Weinstein tells Vince what he claims the rest of Hollywood doesn’t have the guts (or an unprintable anatomical synonym for ‘guts’) to: He’s no longer a movie star. As Weinstein tries to scurry away following his poorly received comment, Drama delivers a mean shoulder bump to teach him a lesson.

10:17: Ari takes the Warner Bros. job solely to spite Amanda (Carla Gugino), who would’ve been next in line for the position. So maybe he is that bad a guy after all.

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10:20: Predictably, at long last, Ari turns down the job, which winds up going to the recipient of his sexually abusive verbal jabs (no, not Lloyd!): Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer). She promises to “take good of” Vince and immediately lands him the Smoke Jumpers role. All is seemingly well for the entire entourage. Could it be?

10:22: Ari delivers the line of the night, to Turtle, further mocking his mile-high claims: “I’m sure she’s got a fetish for guys who are built like a South Park character.” Pretty mean, but at least Jamie-Lynn confirms the encounter soon thereafter.

10:24: Uneventful ending, anyone?

10:25: Previews for next week: Vince’s dream project, Smoke Jumpers, apparently becomes a nightmare when costar Jason Patric steals his lines; Ari has lunch with old friend/mentor Andrew Klein (Gary Cole), who is in need of his help.

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