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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 45 “Mailbooty”

The boys are all sleeping under Drama’s roof and its not the best of situations. There’s only healthy stuff to eat in the house, they are all spread out on air mattresses—and Eric even catches Turtle, er, in a delicate position during the night. But Vince assures them it’s only temporary.

Drama has a chance to score with a woman he’s had the hots for since his 20s at a beach house party, and she’s got a hot friend for Turtle. Vince tags along as the “fifth wheel,” but ends up getting into a Porsche with a gorgeous girl who’s going to another beach house party. Turns out the beach house belongs to Dennis Hopper, who welcomes Vince in with open arms. Hopper and his friends have a soccer bet going on for a U.K. game, so Vince gets in on the action. Of course, he gives a quick call to his accountant, who again reiterates under no uncertain terms he is flat broke. Vince needs to get the hell out of there. Of course, he loses his shirt along with everyone else, but luckily for Vince, the bets were never called in. That was a close one.

Meanwhile, at Drama and Turtle’s beach party, Drama’s crush is now slightly older but still smokin’ hot, while her friend is, well, not. If looks could kill, Drama would be a dead man. Turtle is not about to have sex with this woman, who is all over Turtle, but Drama begs Turtle not to bail on him. So, Turtle stays…and gets the big payoff. Instead of hooking up with Drama, the hotter babe picks Turtle, leaving Drama with the friend. Payback’s a bitch!

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And what’s happening with Medellin? Eric is on a mission to talk Walsh into making some cuts to the film. Of course, it doesn’t go over too well with the wacko director, who reminds the suit he has final cut and announces he already submitted the film to Cannes. At least the trailer looks awesome.

Eric is determined to get the film in better shape, though, because if it gets rejected from Cannes, it’ll be dead in the water. He goes to see Ari , who is tempted to make E write on the eraser board 100 times: “I destroyed my best friend’s career, I destroyed my best friend’s career.” Ari tells Eric he’s pretty much screwed because he gave Walsh final cut, but he might be able to sell the trailer to Harvey [as in Weinstein, we presume], who has been keeping tabs on Medellin. Even though Harvey got screwed on the deal with Queen’s Boulevard, he is still interested. Selling him Medellin would insure another cut, bypassing Walsh’s cut altogether. But then Eric drops a bomb—he tells Ari Vince loves the movie as is. Ari flips. The client is always right, doesn’t Eric know that? It’s the manager who is a pain in the ass. E retorts, “a) You are a d**k and b) when you realize I’m right, you’ll know you’re a d**k,” storming off to make a deal with Harvey on his own.

Ari quickly calls Vince: “E has broken out of the Oopma Loompa factory and is up to no good.” Vince then calls Eric and the two argue over Eric’s decision. Eric is tired of no one taking him seriously, or respecting his opinion, and, based on the trailer, sells Medellin to Harvey for a cool $25 mil.

Later, at Drama’s, Eric lets Vince know what he’s done. Vince is somewhat impressed with Eric’s gumption but asks him if maybe he could be wrong about the film, that it might actually be good. Because it just got into Cannes…and they could get a lot more money for it there. Eric is surprised, but more than that, he now has to face Harvey and tell him the deal is off. Again.

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