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‘Entourage’ Season Three: Ep. 26 “Guys and Dolls”

With “Aquaman” a huge hit, it’s time for Vince to capitalize on his success and pick his next project. Ari informs his star client that the dream role of Pablo Escobar in “Medellin” is available, and all that Vince needs to do to land the role is to impress Phil Rubenstein, the film’s producer. The entire entourage attends a party at Rubenstein’s Santa Barbara mansion, but all of the goodwill Vince earns is destroyed when a prized model of Shrek disappears from the producer’s house during the party. Suspicion immediately turns to Dominick, but the ex-con flatly denies the theft. Turtle, Drama and E don’t believe him, but Vince does, and he won’t waver in his support for his friend. “Medellin” is about to be totally derailed when Dom finally admits to lifting the doll during the party. Vince cuts Dom loose, while the guys breathe a sigh of relief. But there’s a new complication: “Aquaman 2” has been greenlit and is scheduled to start shooting — the same day as “Medellin.”

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