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‘Entourage’ Season Three: Ep. 37 “Manic Monday”

At Miller Gold, Barbara demands that Ari fire an inept agent, but Ari can’t bring himself to lower the ax–usually one of his favorite tasks. Ari’s couples therapist postulates that he’s feeling emasculated by losing Vince as a client. Ari dismisses the theory. But then in a full-blown identity crisis, Ari tracks down his therapist on the golf course, and she helps him reconnect with his inner anger, allowing him to return to work, fire the agent and reclaim his Ari Gold swagger.

Meanwhile, Amanda is persistent in getting her answer on the period film, but Vince won’t commit to any other project until the cameras are actually rolling on “Medellin.” Vince has the crew read the script to get everybody’s opinion. Unfortunately, the script is so dry that nobody can get through it, leading Vince to realize that the project isn’t right for him after all.

At a dinner meeting, Amanda is infuriated to hear that Vince is officially passing, she asks if Ari is responsible for the change of heart. Vince admits he only showed interest in the period film because Amanda liked it. Amanda insists that going forward, they be completely honest with each other, so Vince tells her he thinks she’s cute. This results in Amanda and Vince admitting their mutual attraction and getting together for a hookup.

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