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Friday: ‘The Next Great American Band’

The Next Great American Band – FOX

Will it or won’t it? Can The Next Great American Band experience at least half the success as its TV relative, American Idol?

Like any cultural phenomenon, the true value of the show lies with the community that it turns America into for a few short months. Buzz-wise, it’s a fortunate era when the extent of a heated debate boils down to: Ruben versus Clay, or Jordin versus Blake.

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Though the new venture, which premiered last week on FOX, shares a network and producers with Idol, there are quite a few differences between the shows. Differences that will most likely cause the newbie to more closely resemble something like another FOX talent show, So You Think You Can Dance.

With a new trio of judges (Ian Dickson, Sheila E., and Johnny Rzeznick), a new Seacrest (Dominic Bowden), and a set of talented American bands, the new show begins tonight with canoe-sized shoes to fill.

The Next Great American Band airs tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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