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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 10 “Truth and Consequences”

In the Montreal warehouse, Peter explains to Adam he has gone into the future. In 24 hours, the Shanti virus will be released and in one year, 93 percent of the world population will be dead. Adam whips out the now familiar photo of the founding Company members and points out Victoria, the unidentified woman Matt was looking for last week. Adam explains she is the one who made the virus, taken from “a little Indian girl” (who we know now as Mohinder’s sister). Victoria wanted to turn the virus into a weapon, according to Adam. They both agree the virus must be found before it gets out, and Victoria is their first stop. Little does Peter know that Adam wants to find the virus so he can release it, not destroy it.

In Japan, Hiro tells Ando Kensei is the one who killed the elder Nakamura. Because of his regenerative powers, Kensei must have become immortal somehow. But now, Hiro must avenge his father’s death. They find some files in his father’s office which identifies Kensei as Adam Munroe, who was captured in 1977 and locked away. Hiro decides he’ll go back to that time to find out what happened. He sees that Adam was going to release the deadly virus but was caught just in time by a much younger Nakamura. Hiro follows his father into an office, where a younger Victoria is waiting. She’s very nervous about how close they came to a pandemic apocalypse. She wants to destroy the virus, but Nakamura says they can’t do that. Not yet. They will safely hide it in Texas. She then says she can’t be a part of it anymore and leaves.

Hiro hears the whole thing and jumps back to Ando. He must now go to Texas to stop Adam and save the world. “Why is saving the world always your responsibility?,” Ando asks him just as Hiro disappears.

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Back in present time, Peter and Adam find Victoria’s house, but Adam thinks it might be better if Peter goes in alone to talk to her. Victoria is none too welcoming, but she explains to Peter the Shanti virus is Mutated Strain #138. But she won’t tell Peter where the virus is hidden. Peter comes back out to tell Adam, but Victoria has followed and shoots them both. Of course, they both heal immediately but before she can shoot Adam in the head, thus rendering him powerless (because, if you remember, head wounds don’t heal themselves for regenerative people, unless the foreign object is removed), Adam manages to knock Victoria out instead. They tie her up, and ask her once again where the virus is. Peter reads her mind when she says it’s in Texas, Bennet’s old stomping grounds. When Peter says it out loud, Victoria flips and breaks free, grabbing a gun. Adam shoots her dead. One more off his list.

Meanwhile, Bob is in the Bennet’s house giving the family his ashes. They are understandably peeved at the fact they didn’t even have a say in what happened to Bennet’s body. In fact, Mrs. B has a gun aimed at Bob the whole time. But Bob leaves quietly, climbing into the car with Elle, who is complaining about having her arm in a sling. Bob tells her the next 24 hours are crucial and asks her to keep a close eye on Claire. Bob then chastises her for letting her guard down, which just leaves Elle all pouty.

Claire wants to forget she ever had a dad because the pain is too much. She even thinks about calling the Haitian to do the job for her. West is there to comfort her and makes her realize she really doesn’t want to forget her dad. Later, as the Bennets get ready to leave town, they gather on the beach to release Bennet’s ashes into the ocean. But as she hugs West goodbye, she spots Elle in a car nearby and confronts her. A little blonde on blonde catfight perhaps? Not yet. But Claire decides maybe it’s best to stay and fight, maybe even tell the world what she can do.

Back at the Company lab, Bennet wakes up from being dead, after an infusion of Claire’s blood, and he’s not happy. Mohinder is there. He tells Bennet he put himself on this path with all his paranoia. Mohinder truly believes the Company is trying to save lives. Bennet is exasperated. Once again, he yells at Mohinder that THEY created the virus. THEY are the bad guys. Mohinder leaves. Later, he manipulates Claire’s blood and actually finds a cure, and the first recipient should be Nikki. After this, though, Mohinder wants to destroy every strain of virus ever made by the Company. Bob seemingly agrees.

With the New Orleans gang, Micah is explaining comic book history 101 to his cousins, especially Monica, who Micah is calling “St. Joan,” a hooded hero in one of his comic books. Suddenly, Nikki comes out of the kitchen and Micah runs to her, so happy to see her. She tells him about having the virus, but she promises him she will get better with Mohinder’s help. He wants to give her D.L.’s medal to give her strength, but it looks like his backpack has been stolen. Turns out to be Monica’s little brother who stole it and ended up giving it to a local gang. Micah wants to go out and get his dad’s medal back himself, but Nikki stops him.

Later that night, Monica comes to see Micah and tells him she’ll go get the backpack, just like a real hero. He goes with her. Monica watches a video of a guy easily climbing walls to get into a house, and then jumps into action, getting into the bad guys’ house and finding the backpack. But the hoodlums show up while she’s still in the house and catch her, throwing her into the back of van. Watching the whole thing unfold, Micah takes off to try to find help.

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And in other parts of the U.S., Sylar and Maya are sharing a glass of wine next to a stream, on the road to New York. Sylar tells Maya she can control her power without the use of her brother, but she doesn’t believe it. So Sylar starts goading her, telling her Alejandro must hate her for killing his wife–even if she was cheating on him. And in her heart, Maya wanted to kill Alejandro’s new bride. Soon, the black goo indeed begins to flow, sending Sylar to his knees. He urges her to control it before it kills him. Suddenly, it stops. Maya did it on her own. She’s ecstatic.

She runs to tell Alejandro, who has some news of his own. Seems Sylar, aka Gabriel, murdered his own mother, according to the report Alejandro found on the Internet. Sylar comes in, and when confronted, he admits it, giving them a whole sob story. Maya still trusts Sylar, much to Alejandro’s chagrin. He can’t believe Maya would choose Sylar over him, but she admits she really did want to kill his wife and that she doesn’t need him anymore. Sylar’s little plan to break them up is working, because Alejandro takes off. But Alejandro isn’t quite through with Sylar. He shows up at his hotel room and attacks him, but Sylar gets the better of him and kills him. Just then Maya knocks on Sylar’s door. She thanks him for all he has done, even though leaving her brother has been hard. They kiss outside, with Maya completely unaware Alejandro is lying just inside in a pool of his own blood.

Later, Mohinder answers his phone. It’s Sylar, saying he is in his apartment in New York, with Molly and Maya. Yikes. They will patiently wait for Mohinder to come, so he can help them both. Where’s Matt?

Meanwhile, in Texas, Adam and Peter are at Bennet’s “paper plant,” looking for the virus. Suddenly, Hiro is there. He confronts Peter and tells him Adam is the one who killed his father and now he must be avenged. Peter can’t let Hiro do that, and as Hiro charges him with his samurai sword, Peter gets ready to use Elle’s electrical abilities to stop him.

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