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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 9 “Cautionary Tales”

The Bennets are packing, getting ready to fly the coop once again. But Claire puts her foot down and says she is not leaving. She confronts her dad in front of the family about all the crap he’s pulled, especially to West, while he was working with the Company. She even tells him she hates him. Wow. That’s gotta hurt ole Horn-Rimmed Glasses.

Then Claire meets West on the way to school to try to explain. She doesn’t want to leave and wants to stay there with West. But he isn’t sure he believes her. Meanwhile, Bennet shows the wife all of Issac’s paintings and also tries to explain why he is doing what he is doing. “Claire’s right, it’s all about me.” The picture of Mohinder pointing the gun must mean he is the one who kills Bennet. But Bennet doesn’t think so, since he still believes Mohinder is one of the good guys. Mrs. B, however, questions why she doesn’t just leave Bennet.

Bob and Mohinder show up in Costa Verde, coming for Claire and Bennet. And now that Nikki has left to go back to her family, Bob has assigned him a new partner: his daughter, Elle. She’s raring to go. “Hey, Fight Club,” she says to Mohinder, referring to his bandaged nose, “Watch this,” as she points her finger and blows up a glass of juice. She reminds me of Sawyer on “Lost,” getting all the great lines.

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Later, Bennet calls Mohinder and wants Molly to use her powers to find West. He’s desperate, and Mohinder hears it. Little does Bennet know that Mohinder is right around the corner.

Now, Elle is all over Mohinder as her new plaything, since Peter has gone. Mohinder wants to change the plans, saying they should send Bennet to a location so he can talk to him alone. Bob and Elle balk, but Mohinder insists they do it his way or he’ll tell Bennet everything. Bob points out that Bennet would probably screw Mohinder over if he had the chance, but Mohinder doesn’t think so. Seems Mohinder and Bennet still trust each other. That turns Elle on, “He’s adorable, can I keep him?” Bob agrees to do it Mohinder’s way.

Meanwhile, Bennet can’t just sit around and tries to go find West himself. But as he walks out the door, West grabs him and whisks him off. West wants to know if Claire is working with him. Bennet tells West she lied to him about knowing West, so he must mean something to Claire. Then Bennet gets a call from Mohinder, who says Molly found West at some location. Bennet sees it’s not the same place he is right now with West, so he knows it’s a trap. Bennet turns to West, “Claire is in danger, and I need your help.”

Claire is indeed in trouble. Bob shows up at her cheerleading practice, under the guise of a school administrator to question her about the drinking incident. But he makes a mistake in calling her Ms. Bennet and she knows. She takes off and runs home. But Bob is already there, waiting for her. He takes Claire.

Bennet drives up to the location Mohinder gave him, and Mohinder jumps in the car, apologizing for lying to him. They need Claire for her blood because she can do some good in curing the virus. Bennet is disappointed, “You’ve gone native?” He warned Mohinder time and again that this is how the Company manipulates things. But Mohinder pulls a gun and insists Bennet hand over Claire. Bennet asks Mohinder who is partner is, since that’s how it works. Cue to Elle, who is walking up the street. Of course, Bennet knows her well. But just when she’s about to kill Bennet, West swoops in and grabs her, knocking her out. Bennet also wants to kill Mohinder, but West stops him. They take off, with Elle in tow, back to Bennet’s house to get information on where Bob and Claire are. He puts her feet in water and sprays her down, so when she tries to use her electric power, it shocks her. “Stings like a bitch, doesn’t it?”

Now, Bennet and Bob are both fighting for their daughters. Bennet calls Bob and wants to make a switch. He also explains to Elle she was taken in by Bob as a little girl, a regular little girl with dreams of unicorns and rainbows–only to be experimented on and turned into the monster she is now. She doesn’t remember any of it, of course, since the Haitian took care of that. But Bennet vowed then and there he never, ever wanted that to happen to Claire. Mrs. B hears this and understands. Bennet thanks West for his help and tells him to go home, but West wants to go with him to get Claire.

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In another part of the world, Hiro is at his dad’s funeral. Clearly upset, he decides he’s going to go back in time and try to prevent his dad’s death. He blinks and is on the roof with Nakamura and Angela, the day of Nakamura’s death. After Angela leaves, Hiro comes up to his dad and tells him they have to leave tonight, that he just came from his funeral. But Nakamura says that’s his fate and they can’t play God. Hiro says he’s just being stubborn and says he felt this way once, when Hiro was young. Hiro takes his father into the past, to his mother’s funeral. But all this doesn’t change Nakamura’s mind that they shouldn’t mess with fate. Then Hiro runs into himself as a little boy, has a conversation about not playing God and realizes his father is right. Oh, please. Hiro takes his dad back to the moment before his death and says goodbye. The scene plays out as we remember, but just as the hooded figure grabs Nakamura and jumps off the building, Hiro freezes time. He wants to see who killed his father: Yes, Hiro, its Adam, or as you know him, Takeo Kensei.

In New York, Parkman and Molly are having breakfast. Matt is studying the picture of the Company’s early members, looking for some clues. Molly wants to help by finding some of these people, but Matt says no. He wants Molly to be a normal little girl. She promises she’ll try and then Matt tells her to try harder, only he does it through his mind. Molly then says she will try harder and walks away. Matt tells her to come back to finish her cereal with his mind, and she does. Ah so, young Padawan is learning to use his powers, is he? It’s the Force!

Later, Matt talks to Angela demanding some answers and forces his way into her mind, too. She tells him the killer is Adam, who can regenerate and therefore has become immortal. Adam is really 400 years old. They did lock him up because he was dangerous, and now that Peter has set him free, he wants revenge. Matt asks about the one last unidentified woman in the picture. Angela promised not to give this woman’s secret away. Matt pushes harder, making Angela’s nose bleed. He is becoming more like his father every day.

Back in Costa Verde, Bennet, West and Elle are at the rendezvous to make the daughter switch, as Bob, Mohinder and Claire show up. The exchange happens, and West grabs Claire, flying into the air. Elle shoots them with electricity and they fall, unharmed. Suddenly, Isaac’s painting comes to fruition: Bennet grabs the gun, shoots Elle in the arm and then points the gun at Bob, ready to kill him. Mohinder shoots Bennet in the eye instead, while Claire screams for her father and West holds her back. Bennet is dead. Wow.

But is he? Lying on a bed with what looks to be blood running through his air, Claire’s blood one presumes, Bennet’s eye heals, and he comes back to life. Nice.

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