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‘Lost’ Season Three Recap: Ep. 10

“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”

Hurley’s family tree grows, and he wins a minor victory over his curse, but little else happens this week:

Young Hurley’s father (Cheech Marin) tells him to try fixing the car with his hopes and dreams. Then he takes off for Vegas and gives the kid a candy bar, starting a lifelong crutch of comfort food. Later, Hurley wins the lottery and buys Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, but he’s not good on camera for the local news. Then a meteor hits the shack, with the news crew inside. That’s Hurley’s luck for ya’. He returns home, covered in debris, to his mom’s mansion. Mom slaps him for talking of cursed numbers. Hurley is determined to go to Australia to stop the curse (Lenny from the institution told him that’s where it started). Mom thinks Dad’s return is proof that there’s no curse, although something tells us it has more to do with Hurley’s lotto winnings. But Dad says Mom called him to help with Hurley’s trouble. Hurley tries to get rid of the money and Dad, but Mom wants him around. Dad takes Hurley to a psychic who sees the numbers in the cards, more death and a curse on Hurley. She’s about to do an elaborate exorcism when Hurley figures out it’s a sham. Dad confesses his greedy intentions to Hurley, and in a bid to make amends, suggests Hurley give all the money away so they can work on the Camaro together and finally take that road trip. Hurley packs for Oz instead.

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On the island, Hurley recounts his experience with the Others to Libby’s grave. Charlie confesses his doomed fate to Hurley. Instead of reassuring him, Hurley believes he will be the cause of Charlie’s death. Then Vincent the dog brings a skeleton arm with a key on a rabbit’s foot–and Hurley chases after him. See Hurley run. The dog leads him to an overturned van. How did they not discover that in the first three months on the island? Anyway, the driver’s Dharma uniform says his name is Roger. Hurley wants to repair the car for fun, but none of the other islanders are interested. Jin, not understanding English, is the default volunteer. They find a trunk full of Dharma beer, pull Roger out and tip the car over.

Kate and Sawyer walk, all sweaty and glistening, back to camp. He steps on a dart and Kate pulls it out, sexily. She tells him if he only says sorry, they can start over with a clean slate. Of course, he thinks he has nothing to be sorry for. They make it back to the beach, greeted with hugs from extras we’ve never seen before. And the regulars too, of course. And immediately, Kate and Sawyer are separated again. Sawyer quickly discovers his stash gone and yells at Desmond and Charlie. Lucky guess. Maybe they deleted the scene where he calls Claire a drunk thief. He pursues Hurley, whose excitement to see him warms Sawyer’s heart. And the beer entices him to help with the car.

They turn the van over, Sawyer takes his beer, and Hurley tries unsuccessfully to start it. Sawyer drinks the flat, lousy beer while Hurley and Jin work on the engine. Jin can’t fix it. Hurley insists, for the sake of hope, which Sawyer poo poos. Hurley prays for help and Sawyer just tosses him a beer. But the beer rolls down the hill, giving Hurley an idea. Hurley enlists Charlie to come on a dangerous mission to get the car started. The boys push the car to the top of the hill where Hurley plans to jump start it on the way down. So Jin and Sawyer push while Hurley and Charlie roll down and at the last possible moment, Hurley starts the car and turns away from the rocks. When they get back, Sawyer almost shares his stash of beer, but keeps drinking alone on the beach.

Kate fills Sayid and Locke in on Jack’s status. She’s determined to get Jack back despite his noble orders to leave him. Roaming through the jungle with a torch, Locke and Sayid find Russo. All banded together, Kate asks for Russo’s help getting back to the Others, with the promise of finding her daughter Alex.

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