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Monday: ‘How I Met Your Mother’

[IMG:L]How I Met Your Mother — 8/7c on CBS

It remains mystifying as to why How I Met Your Mother is not at or near the top of the ratings every week, but it’s the loss of those missing out, of which there are unfortunately many.

The weirdest part is how a show like Friends can become a pop culture phenomenon while this show–which boasts an equally likeable, young and pretty cast, a better idea, and much sharper writing–can sit dormant near the middle of the ratings pack. But HIMYM carries on, clearly undeterred.

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This week’s episode picks up where last Monday’s left off, as Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) financial secrets come back to bite her and Marshall (Jason Segel) when they go apartment hunting.

For Ted (Josh Radnor) and Robin (Cobie Smulders), it seems like they’re on a collision course of love once again, given their constant failures in the dating world, but it has already been well established that Robin is NOT the title’s “Mother”–sooner or later we’re going to have to “Meet” her! Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), meanwhile…continues to be Barney.


[IMG:R]Jurassic Park — 8/7c on AMC
There have been so many phases to Steven Spielberg’s career; this was clearly his King Kong phase. Before it was cool, and now commonplace, to use CGI for any and all special effects, Spielberg made it jaw-droppingly real. Not to mention exciting, fun, suspenseful and profitable: Jurassic Park banked just under a cool billion worldwide. Or, ya know, decent by Spielberg standards.

Charlie Rose — 11/10c on PBS
What is the deal with all of these talk-show appearances?! Well, Bee Movie, of course, which didn’t do too shabbily at the ol’ B.O. over the weekend. Still, Jerry Seinfeld continues to rack up the frequent-flier miles post-release by touring the country as though trying to secure votes. Tonight he hits up Charlie Rose; Inside the Actors Studio would be the logical next stop.

[IMG:L]Blow — 8/7c on Bravo
Oh, memories: Just before Johnny Depp went off to make a trio of quaint little kiddie flicks, he made Blow, the most controversially titled movie this side of Snatch. It was, as we now know, not a porno flick but rather a cocaine one–still pretty ballsy by the studio, though! Sadly, it would also be director Ted Demme’s last movie.

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