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Saturday: ‘Office Space’

[IMG:L]Office Space — 8/7c on Comedy Central

As you sit and watch Office Space for the umpteenth time, ask yourself the following question: Does this movie have the highest replay value of any in history?

Also worth pondering: Between Friends in eternal syndication and Office Space airing some time, somewhere almost every day, just how much money does Jennifer Aniston bank off past projects alone?

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As for Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge’s cult classic–which has caught on with the mainstream since its days as a theatrical failure–there’s no real mystery; it’s hilarious on so many levels and because of so many quirky characters.

There’s the iconic slacker antihero Peter (Ron Livingston), the tragically named Michael Bolton (David Herman), and, everyone’s favorite, the mumbling and barely noticed Milton (Stephen Root).

It also must be admitted that even though Office Space isn’t responsible for the success of a show like NBC’s The Office, workplace comedy was pretty much a dead subgenre pre-Office Space.

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