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Sunday: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

[IMG:L]Curb Your Enthusiasm — 10/9c on HBO

With tonight being its season finale and all, Curb gets the spotlight for the second straight week.

It’s been a superb, albeit rather swift, sixth season for Larry David, despite the horrendous ‘N-word’ episode a few weeks back.

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David has given us by far his most heartfelt season, with non-self-sustaining arcs that don’t merely open and close over the course of one episode, unlike past Curb and Seinfeld seasons.

Last week’s show, aside from being hilarious, closed on the series’ darkest note, as Larry had finally won Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) back–by lying, of course–only to lose her again when they were seemingly set to live contentedly ever after. A nod to his real-life breakup from earlier this year, perhaps?

Either way, his divorce from longtime (real-life) wife Laurie has apparently left David a changed man–artistically. The show has evolved into more dramedic territory, and the Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry actually aroused pity this season, at least from this viewer.

Season 6’s wrap-up, which clocks in at 40 minutes, finds L.D. potentially stumbling upon recovery in the most unlikely place: a bat mitzvah.


[IMG:R]Tell Me You Love Me — 9/8c on HBO
Curb isn’t the only HBO series whose season ends tonight. It’s been an interesting rookie campaign for Tell Me You Love Me: It debuted to raised eyebrows and mixed reviews before weaning us off the real-ish sex and improving quality-wise. In hindsight, it seems like the unsimulated sex was the ultimate gimmick to cause a stir–or what is better known in Tinseltown as “create buzz”–for a show that seemed to pride itself on being so fly-on-the-wall. But as the season progressed, so did the intriguing trio of story lines, while we as viewers gradually tuned in for more than just the prospect of seeing Carolyn (Sonya Walger) in the middle of angry, get-me-pregnant-or-else sex. (Or was that just me?) Alas, however, the show’s future remains up in the air, to say the least. Apparently viewers aren’t compelled to tune in on Sunday to watch the relationship strife they life Monday through Saturday.

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[IMG:L]Children of Men — 8/7c on Cinemax
Alfonso Cuaron’s harrowing sci-fi masterpiece, starring a never-better Clive Owen, was easily one of last year’s best movies, and in 2027, the year in which the movie is set, people will still be calling it ahead of its time. Do not miss it!

Saving Private Ryan — 8/7c, 11:10/10:10c on TNT
Such a great movie on such the wrong channel. But maybe you’re itching to show off that new home theater–or perhaps some maimed bodies in HD…

Women’s Basketball: Stanford at Rutgers — 8/7c on ESPN
Hey, Imus, your team’s back!

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