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Sunday: ‘Oprah’s Big Give’

[IMG:L]Oprah’s Big Give — 9/8c on ABC

Say it ain’t so, Oprah!

The most powerful woman in showbiz–and probably non-showbiz–has finally jumped on the reality-TV bandwagon.

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But in true Oprah fashion, she does so out of the goodness of her heart and the thickness of her wallet.

Also in true Oprah fashion, expect Big Give to garner massive ratings, much like her daily daytime talk show does.

Speaking of her daytime show, tonight’s premiere of Big Give is based on an idea from an Oprah episode, in which the Queen of All Media gave each member of her studio audience $1,000 for charitable endeavors.

Big Give, hosted by interior designer/decorator Nate Berkus, operates under the same kind of benevolent, creative concept, only on a much larger budget.

The ultimate goal of the show is to find the greatest unknown philanthropist, who will be rewarded $1 million for his or her love of humanity.

Kinda paradoxical to win such a prize, sure, but good for reality TV.

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