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“You’ve gotta find things to make you laugh during the shoot. Cate called it the ‘Hungry Bum.’ When your bum’s so hungry it’s trying to eat your pants.”
Brad Pitt gave himself wedgies on the set of new movie Babel to lighten up the mood of the crew and his costar Cate Blanchett

“How sexy do I find Borat? I like the mustache. At the moment it’s stuck on. I don’t think he’d grow it because it would make him instantly recognizable.”
Wedding Crashers actress Isla Fisher, on her boyfriend, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen

“Instead of being a circle, it turned out to be a large square. It was horrifying… It was very irregular, long, like a goose-egg shape. Terrible.”
Tara Reid, on her misshapen breast implants, which she has since surgically corrected

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“I want to get married before I’m 30 and have my house and make the kind of record I want. And I’d like to win an Oscar before then.”
Lindsay Lohan

“I’m the truest definition of the new Negro–rich, black, intelligent and powerful. I’m America’s worst nightmare.”
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

“The reason I wanted to do it was because of how conservative America is. So it’s great when TV shows say, ‘I’m sorry, but we can’t discuss this,’ and I’m like, ‘Why not? It’s my name!'”
Alan Cumming wasn’t allowed to plug his new cologne on The Ellen DeGeneres Show because the brand bears his last name and was deemed too risqué by the show’s bosses

“With the psychotic, middle-aged Madonna out there on the loose buying up all the stolen Negro babies in Africa, I felt it my social and humanitarian duty to take in any young, beautiful and sexy orphaned Jew teens running wild in Beverly Hills. Cory’s a great kid, and I’m proud to be her daddy.”
Vincent Gallo, addressing rumors that he is dating a 16-year-old socialite named Cory Kennedy

“I know the beginning and end of tricks but they would never teach me the entire trick.”
Christian Bale was allowed limited access when researching his film The Prestige, in which he plays a magician

“There was a little burst of testosterone in the room and then within five minutes everything was totally fine and they were totally fine and they’re joking with each other and laughing.”
Katherine Heigl downplays the on-set fight between her Grey’s Anatmoy costars Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington

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“I’m known for having nice skin. My skin is my strength. I don’t have acne and moles growing out of my forehead. I look like Robert Redford.”
Donald Trump

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