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Tuesday: ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’

[IMG:L]The Real Housewives of Orange County — 10/9c on Bravo

Everybody’s favorite reality show with all the fakeness returns tonight for its third season.

There’s a new housewife in town, Tamra–replacing Jo De La Rosa–who is already flaunting her self-appointed title of “Hottest Housewife,” but that’s not the only mama drama going down during tonight’s Season 3 premiere–oh, no.

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The other “arcs”: Vicki presents her college-attending daughter with a new luxury car, natch; Laurie is fretting over her impending wedding; and Jeana’s daughter graduates from high school.

The Bravo show also promises to up the amount of heartbreak and secrets revealed this season. I was gonna say, last season’s were sorely lacking!


[IMG:R]Dogville — 9/8c on IFC
You know how after winning her Oscar for The HoursNicole Kidman did the sharpest 180 ever for a megastar and went all artsy-fartsy on us (which has continued for the most part to this day but will end with December’s The Golden Compass)? Well it all started with Dogville, her first post-Oscar role. So blame Lars von Trier! No, don’t, actually–this movie’s pretty damn good, if just a wee bit odd.

True Hollywood Story: Patrick Dempsey — 9/8c on E!
Because there was a pre-McDreamy period, when he was just dreamy.

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