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Wednesday: ‘Christmas in Washington’

[IMG:L]Christmas in Washington — 10/9c, 11/10c on TNT

Another night, another holiday special/celeb spectacular.

Only this one takes place in Washington, D.C., not Los Angeles, and it’s hosted by a doctor instead of a celeb.

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OK, so Dr. Phil, who co-hosts with wife Robin for the fourth straight year, is really a celeb at heart, but it’s still a nice change of pace–literally–from similar shows.

The show, which takes place at the National Building Museum in D.C., features pop acts belting out your Christmastime faves and reminds you that the holiday is finally here…in two weeks.

Ne-Yo, Alan Jackson, Andrea BocelliKatharine McPhee and Vanessa Hudgens–clearly trying her darndest to erase her naked-picture scandal from the public conscience–are among those who performed at the prerecorded gala.


[IMG:R]Kitchen Nightmares — 9/8c on Fox
As Fox nears its premiere for American Idol and Simon Cowell, the network’s other misanthropic British reality star, Gordon Ramsay, calls it a season. In the finale, Chef Ramsay visits the Secret Garden in California, where the owner/head chef is opposed to Ramsay’s suggestions. Uh-oh, food fight!

The Real World — 10/9c on MTV
The Real World finally turns real–or else this is one hell of a scripted idea that should be adopted by all subsequent seasons for peak melodrama–when good ol’ Georgia boy Cohutta fears he’s knocked up bad ol’ Texas gal Kelly Anne. Could the Sydney cast see its third and fourth members leave the house? Highly doubtful, and highly doubtful that said storyline lasts past the first commercial break.

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