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Wednesday: ‘Reno 911’

[IMG:L]Reno 911! — 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central

Aha, so there are still new episodes of some shows in circulation.

OK, it’s no 30 Rock or anything, but new Reno 911! eps. are better than nothing and almost as good as reruns of your favorite shows.

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Comedy Central tonight kicks off a whole new season of its once beloved spoofcom in which Reno’s finest display their incompetence.

In the fifth-season premiere, Dep. Wiegel (Kerri Kenney) looks to sell her newborn to the highest bidder, which triggers a mess of racism, political incorrectness and hit-or-miss comedy.

But the real twist is an appearance by Samantha Who? star Christina Applegate, as Terry’s (Nick Swardson) girlfriend.


Deal or No Deal — 8/7c on NBC
Ellen DeGeneres, maybe starved for some attention or maybe just doing a fellow host (Howie Mandel) a solid, stands in as a briefcase model tonight. Funny in concept, but it could grow old quickly on a show that already has way too much going on.

[IMG:R]Escape from Oz: The Real World Sydney Reunion — 10/9c on MTV
On last Wednesday night’s finale, the Sydney Seven vacated the premises on pretty good terms overall. Well, there’s a reason the Real World “reunion” show is always the best episode: Everyone fights one last time! It’ll be most interesting to see where Dunbar is at, given his cheating on girlfriend Julie and his run-ins with just about everyone in the house.

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