2009 PGA Nominations

Today marked a sunny day for The Dark Knight.

Also for a guy who grows younger as he gets older and a kid who beats all odds to win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

The Producers Guild of America has announced its nominations for best movies, documentaries and TV shows. Nods in this movie category often foreshadow what’s to come by way of Oscar later on.

The 20th Annual PGA Awards will take place Jan. 24 at the Hollywood Paladium.

The complete list of nominees is as follows. First, for theatrical movies:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall

Ceán Chaffin 

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan

Charles Roven

Emma Thomas


Brian Grazer

Ron Howard

Eric Fellner


Dan Jinks

Bruce Cohen

Slumdog Millionaire

Christian Colson

And for documenaries:

Man on Wire 

Simon Chinn 

Standard Operating Procedure 

Julie Bilson Ahlberg 

Errol Morris 

Trouble the Water 

Carl Deal 

Tia Lessin

And for animation:


Clark Spencer 

Kung Fu Panda 

Melissa Cobb 


Jim Morris

And for episodic TV/comedy:

Curb Your Enthusiasm  

Larry David 

Jeff Garlin 

Tim Gibbons 

Erin O’Malley 

Alec Berg 

Dave Mandel 

Jeff Schaffer 


Stephen Levinson 

Doug Ellin 

Rob Weiss 

Denis Biggs 

Lori Jo Nemhauser 

Wayne Carmona 

The Office 

Greg Daniels 

Kent Zbornak 

30 Rock 

Lorne Michaels 

Tina Fey 

Marci Klein 

Robert Carlock 

Jeff Richmond 

Jerry Kupfer 

David Miner 



And for episodic TV/drama:

Boston Legal

Bill D’Elia 

David E. Kelley 

Mike Listo 

Steve Robin 

Janet Knutsen 


Mark A. Baker 

Glenn Kessler

Todd A. Kessler 

Daniel Zelman 


John Goldwyn 

Sara Colleton 

Clyde Phillips 

Robert Lloyd Lewis 


Jack Bender 

Carlton Cuse 

Drew Goddard 

Jean Higgins 

Edward KitsisAdam Horowitz 

Damon Lindelof 

Liz Sarnoff 

Stephen Williams

Ra’uf Glasglow 

Mad Men


And for “nonfiction” TV:

Deadliest Catch

Thom Beers

Jeff Conroy

Lisa Tanzer

Ethan Prochnik


David Fanning

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List

Marcia Mulé

Bryan Scott

Lisa M. Tucker

Kathy Griffin

Chris Carlson

Amy Kohn 

60 Minutes

Jeff Fager 

This American Life

Ken Druckerman

Ira Glass

Lisa Pollak

Julie Snyder

Banks Tarver

Nancy Updike

Kevin Vargas

Christopher Wilcha

And for “live and competition” TV:

Amazing Race

Jerry Bruckheimer

Bertram van Munster

Jonathan Littman

Hayma “Screech” Washington

Amy Chacon

Elise Doganieri

Mark Vertullo 

The Colbert Report

Stephen T. Colbert, DFA

Jon Stewart

Allison Silverman

Richard Dahm

Meredith Bennett

Tom Purcell 

Project Runway

Rich Bye

Rich Buhrman

Jane Cha

Dan Cutforth

Desiree Gruber

Heidi Klum

Jane Lipsitz 

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher

Scott Carter

Sheila Griffiths

Dean Johnsen

Top Chef

Rich Buhrman

Liz Cook

Dan Cutforth

Jane Lipsitz

Shauna Minoprio

Nan Strait

Andrew Wallace

And for “long-form” TV”

24: Redemption


Bernard and Doris


John Adams

David Coatsworth

Frank Doelger

Gary Goetzman

Tom Hanks

Steven Shareshian 

A Raisin in the Sun




Finally, honorary awards and recipients:

Milestone Award

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard

David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures

Michael Douglas

Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television

David Chase

Visionary Award

Jeff Skoll

Vanguard Award

MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson

The Stanley Kramer Award


Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen

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