12 Different Types Of Netflix Users

We all use Netflix. If you don’t, then are you living in the year 2015? If so, let us help you get accustomed to using Netflix, as not all people use it the same way.

1. The Binge Watcher


Can you watch all 13 new episodes of House of Cards in one sitting? This user sure as hell does.

2. The “Just One More Episode” Watcher


This user is just one step away from becoming the binge-watcher. They think they’ve got a handle on their Netflix watching habits, but one episode slowly turns into 10, which turns into a season in only hours.

3. The Rom-Com-ophile

GIPHY/Columbia Pictures

For this user, Netflix cannot update their Romantic Comedy section enough. They’ve watched all options given to them – the good, the bad, and the J.Lo.

4. The Person Who Loves To Watch Bad TV


This user is the reason that reality TV is even on Netflix in the first place.

5. The Person Who Thinks Their TV Isn’t Bad, But It’s Plain Terrible

ABC Family/prettylittleliarsxxxx.tumblr.com

This person will argue you to the death about shows like Pretty Little Liars and Revenge, but if you even bring up one good argument on why the shows are ridiculous, they’ll cut you right out of their life. 

6. The Closeted Disney Fanatic


Most Disney lovers are very open about their obsessions. But then you’ll meet the person who queues up their Netflix and you see 8 Disney movies in their “Recently Watched” section.

7. The Person Who Can’t Let The 90’s Go

Miramax Films

This person says things like “1995 only feels like a few years ago” or “Everything was better in the 90s”, even if they were only five in that decade. They feel like they really lived through it, since they’ve watched every TV show and movie from the 90’s that Netflix has to offer.

8. The User Who Likes To Pretend They’ve Seen All The Big Movies

Loew’s Inc

This person acts like Gone With The Wind and Casablanca are the epitome of all movies, but if you checked their Netflix, they’ve only gotten 15 minutes into either movie.

9. The Person Who Loves To Ugly Cry

GIPHY/Focus Features

It’s like they can’t even help themselves. This user just gets a strong desire to cry, it doesn’t actually matter what the genre really is, they’ll find the movies that make them sob like a newborn baby.

10. The “I Can Recite This Movie Word-for-Word” Person

GIPHY/Paramount Pictures

The person can recite Mean Girls inside and out, backwards and forwards. They know it so well, they actually made fetch happen.

11. The User Who Only Watches Movies During Oscar Season

Universal Pictures

This person only turns on Netflix when Oscar-nominated films are streaming, so they can sound sophisticated when they’re at their Oscars party.

12. The User Who Lives To Scare The Crap Out Of Themselves

GIPHY/Lions Gate

They watch every horror movie available, especially the ones that are in a different language. Those are the ones that they live/die for.

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