Ryan Reynolds is an NPC Hero in ‘Free Guy’ Trailer 2

NPCs AKA Non-playable characters are AI in video games.

A programmer controlled them to do simple tasks in video games; sell you things, dialogue, or just be there for the ambiance. No one really cares about them, or they are lifeless deaths, and the video game world is happy.

Ryan trolls Wolverine AKA Hugh Jackman

Free Guy‘ is different. Ryan Reynolds plays “Guy”, an NPC who thinks his world in Free City is normal. He falls for someone that turns out to be a player. Guy wants to be different, so he decides to talk to her. This isn’t something NPCs normally do so she then lets Guy know he’s in a video game. This changes Guy’s outlook and the video game as we know it.

Reynolds is doing an effort in film diversity

All in all, I love this concept. It’s kind of a Truman Show in the video game world and I’m for It.

Look back at another video game movie – Ready Player One


‘Free Guy’ releases on December 11, 2020.