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50 Thoughts We Had While Watching ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally here (we only spent the last 3 years waiting for this moment) and we have a lot to talk about. If you haven’t seen AOU yet, don’t read any further. There are ~spoilers~ ahead! Here are some of our thoughts, in no particular order, because our brains are still melted from how awesome AOU was.

1. So we aren’t going to discuss the events of Iron Man 3?
2. Okay, no we aren’t. Thank god.
3. Barely any mention of Thor: The Dark World, either? That’s cool.
4. Wtf is going on with Thor’s hair. Do they not have brushes on Asgard?
5. Poor RDJ, that must have really hurt your neck.

6. Whoa everyone came to this party except Jane & Pepper? Like Falcon flew in from D.C. to hang out with a bunch of people he does not know, but Pepper isn’t here?
7. This Ultron thing doesn’t sound like Tony’s best idea.
8. Yep Ultron was a bad idea.
10. Is he really about to sing “there are no strings on me?” Yep.
11. “Language!” Cap, you’re our favorite Avenger ever.

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12. Uh, do random action shots like that happen IRL? Cause that was insane.
13. These guys are so badass.
14. I would totally surrender too if I was a bad guy.
15. No one wants to fight the Hulk.
16. How many cars have been flipped over in the process of making this film?

17. So, we’re just calling them “the twins” and “enhanced”? Okay Marvel Studios, not sure how I feel about that.
18. Those kids accents. Questionable.
19. But damn, Pietro is hot AF.
20. And Scarlet Witch ain’t too bad herself.

21. Is Jeremy Renner finally getting some more damn screen time?!
22. STFU Clint had a family this whole time??????
23. She’s an agent. Those are mini agents.
24. Bruce and Natasha?? Since when?!
25. How much property damage do they actually cause? Like, who was worse in this movie, the bad guy or the Hulk?

26. Does Tony Stark pay for all the repairs?
27. How long does it actually take to fix a city after the Hulk breaks it?
28. “You didn’t see that coming?” This kid is a dick.
29. “You didn’t see that coming.” *crying*
30. Does Thor have one of those hair wraps in that we all got in 7th grade?
31. Yep.
32. Poor Hayley Atwell, are you always going to be in these movies to remind Steve of a life he will never have?
33. Lullaby? Is ScarJo about to sing right now?
34. Damn. I wanted her to sing.

35. Why does Thor have to open his big mouth?
36. Whoa Jarvis got a hot body.
37. Is that weird?
38. I like red butts and I cannot lie.
39. Are they suggesting that he’s going to be the most badass, intense, powerful Avenger to ever exist? Cause, hell yeah.

40. OMFG, finally some good Red Room deets.
41. WTF, I need more now. Where is my Black Widow movie????
42. Vision picking up Mjolnir is probably the most intense thing ever.
43. He is worthy.
44. “Well, I was born yesterday.” Vision, the cutest guy/android to exist.
45. So is Ultron like gone gone?

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46. Where are you going Bruce?
47. No, please come back.
48. Poor Natasha. What does this mean for her?
49. “The elevator’s not worthy.” Captain America, coming in strong with the jokes.
50. Oh snap. OH SNAP. “Avengers…”

Extra spoiler
Is Thanos more purple than ever before?

What did you think of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Share your thoughts on the sequel in the comment section below and vote for your favorite MCU movie!

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