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Actor, Model
With a beauty harkening back to old Hollywood, Katherine Heigl - a onetime Sears catalog child model who later paid her dues as a decidedly less-than-glamorous slasher film victim - finally earned widespread acclaim for ... Read more »
Born: 11/23/1978 in Washington, Washington D.C., USA


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With a beauty harkening back to old Hollywood, Katherine Heigl - a onetime Sears catalog child model who later paid her dues as a decidedly less-than-glamorous slasher film victim - finally earned widespread acclaim for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on the award-winning medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC, 2005- ). She took Hollywood by surprise with her starring role in Judd Apatow's critically-hailed and hugely successful "Knocked Up" (2007), and proved her big screen star power was no fluke with the huge box office of "27 Dresses" (2008) and "The Ugly Truth" (2009). In addition to her onscreen work, Heigl also became infamous for a willingness to speak her mind at the expense of playing the game, earning her both respect and censure. This trait burned her "Grey's" bridges as she jumped full-time into film acting - and motherhood to an adopted special-needs baby - but Heigl proved that she was more interested in following her own instincts rather than pleasing critics.


Jason Behr Actor

Met when they co-starred on "Roswell" Dated in 2001 No longer together

Paul Heigl

Born c. 1941 Divorced from Heigl's mother in 1996

Nancy Heigl

Born c. 1953 Divorced from Heigl's father in 1996 Managed daughter's career

Holt Heigl


Jason Heigl

Older Died in 1986 of brain injuries suffered in a car accident after being thrown from the back of a pickup truck

John Heigl


Meg Heigl


Adalaide Hope

In April 2012, a rep for the couple confirmed Heigl and Kelley adopted another child

Josh Kelley Actor

Met in spring 2005 when Heigl was cast in Kelley's music video for "Only You" Engaged June 2006 Married Dec. 23, 2007 in Park City, UT

Naleigh Kelley

Born November 2008 Heigl and husband Josh Kelley adopted the special needs child from Korea in September 2009

Joseph Lawrence Actor

Dated for three months in 1994


New Canaan High School

New Canaan , Connecticut 1996



Cast as bounty hunter Stephanie Plum in the feature adaptation of "One for the Money," based on Janet Evanovich’s novel; also executive produced film


Cast in the ensemble romantic comedy "New Year’s Eve," directed by Garry Marshall


Re-teamed with director Robert Luketic for "Killers," co-starring Ashton Kutcher


Teamed up with Josh Duhamel for the comedy "Life as We Know It"


Co-starred with Gerard Butler in "The Ugly Truth"; directed by Robert Luketic


Starred as a romantic and completely selfless bridesmaid in "27 Dresses"


Co-starred with Seth Rogen in the comedy "Knocked Up," written and directed by Judd Apatow


Cast as Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens on the ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy"; earned Golden Globe (2007, 2008) nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; after much speculation, she left the show after six seasons to spend more time with f


Cast opposite Johnny Knoxville in the Farrelly brothers comedy "The Ringer"


Reprised the role of Marty in the sequel "Love's Enduring Promise"


Played Marty Claridge, a young, pregnant newlywed in Hallmark Entertainment's "Love Comes Softly"


Played a competitive tomboy in the independent film "100 Girls"


Cast as Isabel Evans on the sci-fi drama "Roswell" (The WB 1999-2001; UPN 2001-2002); role expanded in the second and third seasons


Starred in the horror film "Bride of Chucky"


Played the lead in Disney's made-for-television film "Wish Upon a Star"


Cast opposite Steven Seagal in the action thriller "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory"


First feature in a leading role, "My Father the Hero"


Appeared in Steven Soderbergh's Depression-era drama "King of the Hill"


Feature acting debut, "That Night" (filmed in 1991)


Signed to the Wilhelmina modeling agency, began appearing in Sears and Lord & Taylor catalogs

Raised in New Canaan, CT

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Heigl was not allowed to date until she was 16.


Katherine Heigl was not pleased with fellow castmate Isaiah Washington's comments following the January 15, 2007 Golden Globe Awards. During an interview in the press room after the show's best-drama win, Washington denied his involvement in a heated on-set incident in October during which he allegedly used a homophobic slur.Rather than soothing the situation, his comments left Heigl seething. "I'm going to be really honest right now, he needs to just not speak in public, Period." Heigl told "Access Hollywood" at a Golden Globe after-party. "I'm sorry, that did not need to be said. I'm not OK with it." She called the comments "hurtful," characterizing the incident as one that should be handled privately among the show's cast and crew. "I don't think (Washington) means it the way he comes off," Heigl said. "But T.R. is my best friend. I will use every ounce of energy I have to take you down if you hurt his feelings."


"All this personal stuff had been splashed in the papers, and I felt kind of scummy because plenty of people can't possibly understand [making] this kind of money, so why should anybody ever have a problem with it? But every one of us works our butts off to make the show a success, and I'm just as legally bound to be there for nine months out of the year. I can't pursue other career opportunities until the hiatus. I just want to be treated with the same respect they're showing the other actors, and so far they've refused to do that." – Heigl on her tense contract negotiations with ABC that was made public to Entertainment Weekly, June 1, 2007


"I've lived my 20s the way I wanted to, and I'm ready for a little more sacrifice, a little more commitment. I want to be a mother; I want to start our family and focus on something other than my career." – Heigl quoted in Vanity Fair, January 2008