You Have To See Kirsten Dunst In This Awesome Anime Video

Kirsten Dunst, Turning Japanese, Takashi MurakamiSam Newberry/YouTube

There are so many reasons to love Kirsten Dunst. The Virgin Suicides. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Spider-Man. Melancholia. And now we can add this unforgettable video, in which she dresses up in anime and sings a cover of The Vapors’ 1980 new wave hit “Turning Japanese.”

The video — a short film from famed artist Takashi Murakami — was actually made a few years back, but it’s experiencing a bit of a resurgence since Murakami was hanging out at Art Basel recently with Pharrell Williams. The two shared the video (along with other projects from Murakami) at the Parisian club Silencio, which means we all get to relive the magic again. In case you missed it a few years back, check out Kirsten Dunst like you’ve never seen her before. Seriously. It is insane.