Michael Caine

Actor, Producer, Production office assistant
Prolific British film actor Michael Caine rose to fame as an icon of London's 'swinging '60s,' but four decades later, having contributed to some of cinematic history's highest and lowest moments, he was ... Read more »
Born: 03/14/1933 in Bermondsey, England, GB


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How to Murder a Rich Uncle 1958 (Movie)

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Prolific British film actor Michael Caine rose to fame as an icon of London's 'swinging '60s,' but four decades later, having contributed to some of cinematic history's highest and lowest moments, he was recognized as an international film legend. Caine initially seemed an unlikely movie star, with his glasses and working class cockney accent, but with films like "The Ipcress File" (1965) and "Alfie" (1966), he came to personify the cultural upheaval of 1960s Britain, when the smashing of class barriers finally meant that regular blokes had a shot at the spotlight. With his foundation in repertory theater, Caine had already played hundreds of characters by the time he hit it big, and that background made him one of the most versatile leading actors on film. He deftly transitioned from gritty mobster ("Get Carter"), to scheming soldier ("The Man Who Would Be King"), warm-hearted doctor ("The Cider House Rules"), charming con man ("Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"), erudite professor ("Educating Rita") to transvestite psychologist murderer ("Dressed to Kill"). Caine convincingly inhabited some of the best-known characters in literature and world history - not through self-analysis and method acting, but by holding up a mirror to the audience, presenting them with truths about themselves. His realistic acting style and ability to connect with an audience earned the actor a reputation for being approachable and down-to-earth, despite his ultra-luxury lifestyle and bona fide star status. For Caine, this was no act, as he had risen from the poorest of the poor with all odds seemingly stacked against him.


David Burchell

Born in 1925 suffered brain damage through epilepsy as a child and was physically disabled mother had given him as an infant to foster parents was institutionalized for 40 years died of pneumonia in March 1992

Shakira Caine Actor

Married Jan. 8, 1973

Dominique Caine

Born in 1956 mother, Patricia Haines married Rowland Fernyhough Nobermber 10, 1981

Natasha Caine

Born in July 1973 mother, Shakira Baksh married to Tim Scott, who owns a chain of juice bars in Great Britain (wedding took place Sept. 9, 2000)

Patricia Haines Actor

Married 1955 Divorced 1958

Maurice Micklewhite

Married Caine's mother in 1931 died in 1957 of liver cancer

Ellen Micklewhite

Married Caine's father in 1931 died in 1989

Stanley Micklewhite

Born in 1936


Wilson's Grammar School

During World War II was evacuated to North Runcton in Norfolk



Co-starred with Dwayne Johnson in the adventure sequel "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island"


Reprised role of Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises"


Voiced Finn McMissile, a British secret agent in the animated feature "Cars 2"


Co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Christopher Nolan directed sci-fi thriller "Inception"


Reprised role of Alfred in the second installment of the revived Batman series "The Dark Knight"


Co-starred with Demi Moore in "Flawless"


Played the role of Andrew Wyke (originally portrayed by Laurence Olivier) in the adaptation of the 1972 film "Sleuth"; Caine also starred in the original opposite Olivier


Again collaborated with director Christopher Nolan for "The Prestige"


Played a pot-smoking hippie in Alfonso Cuaron's futuristic tale "The Children of Men"


Played Nicole Kidman's ancient warlock father in the comedy "Bewitched"


Cast as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred in Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins"


Cast alongside Robert Duvall in "Secondhand Lions"


Portrayed Nazi executioner Pierre Brossard in "The Statement"


Played a British journalist in Phillip Noyce's "The Quiet American"; received Golden Globe, BAFTA and Oscar nominations


Appeared in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" as the title character's father


Starred in the dramatic film "Last Orders" which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival


Co-starred with Jeffrey Rush and Kate Winslet in the critically acclaimed "Quills"


Won second Academy Award as Dr. Larch in Lasse Hallström's "The Cider House Rules"; adapted by John Irving


Received rave reviews for his turn as a sleazy talent agent in "Little Voice"


Reprised the role of Harry Palmer in the Showtime original "Bullet to Beijing"


Portrayed Joseph Stalin in the NBC miniseries "World War II: When Lions Roared"


Co-produced (also starred) the HBO spy drama "Blue Ice"


Co-starred with Steve Martin as con artists in the Frank Oz directed comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"


American TV miniseries debut, "Jack the Ripper" (CBS)


Debut as executive producer, "The Fourth Protocol"


Won first Oscar as Mia Farrow's cheating husband in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters"


Received third Best Actor Oscar nomination as an alcoholic university professor who mentors a promising female student in "Educating Rita"


Had starring role in Brian De Palma's stylized thriller "Dressed to Kill"


Co-starred opposite Sean Connery in John Huston's epic adventure "The Man Who Would Be King"


Received second Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work opposite Laurence Olivier in "Sleuth"


Starred in the British cult favorite "The Italian Job"


First American film, "Gambit" opposite Shirley MacLaine


Earned first Best Actor Oscar nomination for the woman-chasing title character in "Alfie"


Debuted working-class spy Harry Palmer in "The Ipcress File"


First starring feature role, playing against type as posh Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead in "Zulu"


Appeared at the Royal Court Theatre in London


Film acting debut in a bit part in "Hell in Korea"


Appeared in Theatre Workshop in Stratford East, London and Sam Wanamaker's company in Liverpool


Drafted for the National Service and spent one year in West Berlin and another in the Royal Fusiliers in combat in Korea


Worked on set of the British film "Morning Departure"

Attended night drama classes, supporting himself with various day jobs

Began acting apprenticeship while still in grammar school

Began appearing regularly on TV in mid-1950s

First theater job, assistant stage manager at Westminster Repertory Theatre; led to work with Lowestoft Repertory Theater

Bonus Trivia


Caine's original stage name was Michael Scott. In order to get a TV role, he was required to join Actors Equity and there was already another Michael Scott in the union. From a phone box in a London street, on a call to his agent and pressed for time, the actor spotted a cinema marquee advertising "The Caine Mutiny" and quickly chose Caine as his new surname.


In 1976, Caine opened a restaurant in London, Langen's Brasserie. Twenty years later, he was the owner of six restaurants worldwide.


Caine's brother David's existence in a mental hospital was kept secret from him for over 40 years although his mother visited David regularly until she died in 1989.


On accepting his Golden Globe Award during the 1999 telecast, Caine quipped, "My career must be slipping. This is the first time I've ever been able to pick up an award."


In June 2000, Caine was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.


When he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2000 for "The Cider House Rules," Caine became only the second British male to have won two Academy Awards. The first was Peter Ustinov.


Caine puts it all down to class. "I'm every bourgeois' nightmare," he drawls. "A Cockney with intelligence and a million dollars. They think they should have done it, but then why didn't they, if they were so much smarter and more intelligent than this stupid Cockney git? So their revenge is to say 'he's not a real actor, he's a Cockney actor.' It's like calling Tony Hopkins a Welsh actor or Sean Connery a Scots actor. Why am I a 'Cockney actor' and they are just actors?""Now I've got incredible reviews as an American doctor. But it'll still be 'good ol' Cockney, go down the pub and have some jellied eels, Michael'. I haven't been in a pub since God knows when, and I've never had jellied eels." He shudders. "I couldn't eat them, it'd be horrible. But it doesn't worry me. I'm only talking about it because it's come up now. I wouldn't otherwise." – from the London Times, Feb. 16, 2000


The band Bottlefly paid tribute to the actor with the song "Michael Caine" in 2000.


Caine was made a Commander of Arts and Letters in France after receiving the country's highest cultural honor on Jan. 6, 2011.