Bikinis and Briefs: 20 Sexiest Movie Swimsuits

Phoebe Cates in 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'
Phoebe Cates, Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Universal Studios
Yellow polka dot bikinis are all well and good, but it's nothing when compared to Phoebe Cates red bikini scene, especially since the top portion eventually came off. Eat your heart out, fellas.
Angelina Jolie in 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life'
Angelina Jolie, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Paramount Pictures
No one can fill out a bikini like Jolie (or at least Jolie circa 2003). Her fabulous curves as Lara Croft struck a chord among the male crowd and sent most of the female population running off to the gym.
Ursula Andress in 'Dr. No'
Ursula Andress, Dr. No
United Artists via Everett Collection
Andress showed off quite a bit of skin as Honey Ryder in what has to be one of the most iconic Bond girl get ups of all time. This classic ensemble is one of those looks that will never go out of style.
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Jessica Alba in 'Into the Blue'
Jessica Alba, Into The Blue
The movie may have been forgettable, but Jessica Alba's sexy bikini certainly wasn't. No one can rock a bikini quite like this girl.
Raquel Welch in 'One Million Years B.C.'
Raquel Welch, One Million Years B.C.
20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection
If anyone could make torn up rags look appealing it would be Welch (and Tarzan, of course). Cave women never looked so sexy.
Salma Hayek in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'
Salma Hayek, From Dusk Till Dawn
Dimension Films
Hayek by herself is pretty hot, but when you throw a skimpy bikini and sexy strip tease into the mix it's almost too hot to handle. What better way to liven up a movie about the undead by showing off this actress's gorgeous figure? Well done, directors.
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Demi Moore in 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'
Demi Moore, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
Columbia Pictures via Everett Collection
At 39 Moore returned to the big screen with a bikini body that rivaled that of her 20-something costars, proving that young chicks aren't the only ones who are drool worthy.
Halle Berry in 'Die Another Day'
Halle Berry, Die Another Day
MGM via Everett Collection
In an attempt to replicate Ursula Andress's iconic Bond Girl look, Berry rocked a similarly styled, bright orange bikini. Proceed with caution.
Ali Larter in 'Varsity Blues'
Ali Larter, Varsity Blues
Paramount Pictures
There's nothing like a playful whipped cream bikini proposition to help sweeten a deal. And even though James Van Der Beek turned Lartner down (cherries and all), it quickly became one of the most talked about moments in the film. Is there any wonder why?
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Carrie Fisher in 'Return of the Jedi'
Carrie Fisher, Return of the Jedi
20th Century Fox
Princess Leia in the gold bikini became an iconic movie moment that still leaves most of the male population staring off in geek-eyed wonder (or perhaps to a galaxy far, far away?).
Daniel Craig in 'Casino Royale'
Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
Sony Pictures via Everett Collection
007 fans usually look to the famous Bond girls for hotness, but Craig managed to steal the show in 'Casino Royale.' Those swim briefs leave little to the imagination.
Channing Tatum in 'Dear John'
Channing Tatum, Dear John
Screen Gems via Everett Collection
Any reason for Channing Tatum to have his shirt off is a good enough reason for us. Consider this a preview of what's to come in 'Magic Mike.'
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Matthew McConaughey in 'Fool's Gold'
Matthew McConaughey, Fool's Gold
Warner Bros. via Everett Collection
McConaughey seems to shirtless more often than not in most of his films, but it's only because he can pull it off oh so-well. You'll never hear us complaining.
Paul Walker in 'Into the Blue'
Paul Walker, Into the Blue
MGM via Everett Collection
What's hotter than Paul Walker? A shirtless Paul Walker. Between those sculpted abs and bulging biceps, this actor's more than earned his right to a member of this sexy crew.
Elvis Presley in 'Blue Hawaii'
Elvis Presley, Blue Hawaii
Paramount Pictures vai Everett Collection
The waves certainly aren't real in this picture, but the King's abs definitely are. He's a Hound Dog, what more can we say?
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Ryan Phillippe in 'Cruel Intentions'
Ryan Phillippe, Cruel Intentions
Columbia Pictures via Everett Collection
Not even virginal Annette or stepsister Kathryn could resist Sebastian's charms. And who could blame them after seeing his glorious "assets" during the steamy pool scene?
Josh Hartnett in 'The Virgin Suicides'
Josh Hartnett, The Virgin Suicides
Paramount Classics
Though the movie is pretty morbid, it's also darkly sexy thanks in large part to the high school heartbreaker Tripp Fontaine.
Taye Diggs in 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back'
Taye Diggs, How Stella Got Her Groove Back
20th Century Fox Film via Everett Collection
However Stella got her groove back, you can be rest assured that a shirtless Taye Diggs helped her do it. Come on — those biceps are ridiculous.
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Burt Lancaster in 'From Here to Eternity'
Burt Lancaster, From Here to Eternity
Columbia Pictures via Everett Collection
Here we can see Lancaster enjoying a sexy romp in the sand with co-star Deborah Kerr. A day at the beach has never looked so appealing.
Jude Law in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'
Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley
Paramount Pictures via Everett Collection
As if the accent wasn't sexy enough, the way this man is able to pull off those swim shorts should be against the law.