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10 Times We Fell In Love With Mila Kunis

There’s no doubt that Mila Kunis has some serious star power. She’s beautiful, smart, talented, and her hubby is Ashton Kutcher. She’s a devoted mother to her daughter Wyatt, and doesn’t get caught up in the pressure to be perfect despite living in the spotlight. It’s easy to fall in love with Mila and here are 10 moments that won us over.

1. When she played Jackie on That ’70s Show

Mila lied about her age to get the part and charmed audiences with her ditzy alter ego.

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2. When she became the voice of Meg on Family Guy

Voiceover work is hard and Mila nailed the whiney, self-deprecating character to perfection.

3. When she was landing on every single sexiest woman list and didn’t give AF!

In 2013 she said, “Your looks are going to die out, and then what’s going to be left?”

4. When she defended Justin Timberlake to a reporter in Russian at a press junket overseas.

5. When she showed her range as an actress in Black Swan.

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6. When she attended the Marine Corps Ball with a soldier who posted a video asking her to be his date on YouTube.

7. When she admitted to loving video games.

Knowing Mila is an undercover nerd makes her so much cooler.

8. When we found out she has one brown eye and one green eye.

9. That time she let everyone know her true feelings about social media.

She said, “I can understand politicians or people running charities or doing something productive using it. But no one should follow me. Why, so that I can tell you that I got my hair done?”

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10. All the times she’s lent her fame to help bring awareness to a charity.

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