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Channing Tatum & 7 Other Funny, Sexy Stars

Channing TatumChanning Tatum’s looks have come in quite handy for him. In addition to making ends meet — and getting some interesting life experience — as a stripper in his younger years, Tatum has played eye candy in a handful of Hollywood movies, including the Step Up films, Dear John and The Vow. But there is a very important piece of information that stands out about Tatum in 21 Jump Street: he is hilarious!

On and off-screen, Tatum has proven to be a viable source of comedy (and if you don’t believe it, just ask Rob Riggle). As you can see in this clip from the movie, Tatum more than keeps up with experienced comedian Jonah Hill. You can also check out Hollywood.com’s report of the visit to the 21 Jump Street set, complete with hilarious interviews with Tatum and Hill.

Tatum isn’t the only good-looking star who also turned out to hold his own in the humor department. Here are seven others who impress both in terms of physical appeal and comic timing.

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox’s most renowned acting work has been Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, so you wouldn’t really expect that she’s especially adept in the art of comedy. But as our movies editor Matt Patches pointed out, Fox has a lot of prominent comical works on her resume, including the upcoming Friends with Kids and The Dictator, in which Fox plays a fictionalized (and apparently amoral) version of herself.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell’s leading man physique has served him well in action pics and thrillers. But last summer Farrell took an unexpected humorous role in Horrible Bosses, the screwball comedy in which he played the seedy, lecherous boss of Jason Sudeikis’ character. Farrell was easily one of the best parts of the movie, throwing himself no-holds-barred into a hilarious nut job character.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman continues to take on sophisticated dramas, and probably always will. But throughout her career, Portman has peppered a few comedy roles. But Portman’s greatest gift to the world of humor was her Saturday Night Live rap, which was one of the first examples of the actress’ determined versatility.


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Charlize Theron

The beautiful Charlize Theron has been balancing comedy and drama throughout her career. It was not until her stint on the acclaimed sitcom Arrested Developmentthat people took note of just how adept Theron was at delivering laughter. Although her penchant for the dramatic seems to outweigh the alternative as far as the bulk of her movie roles go, Theron’s greatest role to date might well be Young Adult, a comedy character piece that she brought to shocking levels of hilarity and profundity.

Justin Timberlake

Another member of the list whose comic triumphs can be attributed to Saturday Night Live collaborations is Justin Timberlake. The adored former music artist has teamed up with SNL star Andy Samberg on several different occasions to create some of the variety show’s most memorable musical skits in recent years. Plus, Timberlake’s hosting (and surprise) spots on the show always prove to be among the best episodes.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper might be the only person on this list who actually has legal documentation that he is, in fact, sexy — although there isn’t really much contention regarding any of the individuals at hand. The funny thing about Cooper: he was actually funny before everyone knew he was sexy. Cooper’s early film roles, like Wet Hot American Summer and Wedding Crashers, gave us some of the actor’s most riotous performances. But the public’s new appreciation for his jawline hasn’t robbed Cooper of his love for laughter. He’s got another Hangover movie in the works, and is set to star in David O. Russell’s comedy The Silver Linings Playbook.

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Salma Hayek

Granted, it’s hard not to be funny on 30 Rock. But it’s easy not to be hilarious. During her stint as Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) devout Catholic girlfriend through the NBC sitcom’s third season, Hayek not only kept up with the near impossible timing of the show’s rapid fire cast, but stole more than her share of scenes.

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