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Gigi Hadid Is Not Stoked About “Shout Out To My Ex” And Thinks Perrie Edwards Should Move On From Zayn Malik

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The claws (or perfectly manicured talons) are out. Gigi Hadid is not pleased about Little Mix’s new song “Shout Out To My Ex,” and thinks Perrie Edwards needs to move on from her ex-One Direction beau.

Perrie Edwards, who was engaged to Gigi’s current boyfriend Zayn Malik and alleges that she was dumped through a text message, threw some major shade at the Pillowtalk singer with her group’s latest single. In the lyrics, she even admitted to faking it during sex with Malik!

Earlier drafts of the song allegedly threw some shots at Hadid, too. Apparently Gigi is not some model chick, she’s the model chick. You should’ve gotten it straight, Perrie!

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The original lyric goes:

“Heard he been f*cking some model chick, yeah that sh*t hurt I’ll admit, but f*k that boy I’m over it.”

Apparently, that was enough to set Gigi Hadid off. Zayn isn’t too happy either, but can he really say anything if he called off their engagement through a text?

“Zayn has heard the original lyrics and was surprised with how harsh they were. He understands that Perrie is free to vent and write about whatever and whomever she wants, but obviously he isn’t a fan of the song,” said a source who spoke to Perez Hilton.

“He’s been down playing it to Gigi, and telling her not to give it any energy or thought, and that it just comes from a place of jealousy. Gigi wishes Perrie would just move on and leave her and Zayn alone. She thinks the song and the lyrics are immature,” the source continued.

Speaking of things that are immature, calling off your engagement to your girlfriend of four years through a text message doesn’t exactly wreak of maturity. In our opinion, it kind of gives Perry the right to say whatever she wants and do whatever she wants. If someone disrespected us that much, we’d be shouting it from the rooftops. It’s Gigi’s choice to be with someone who’d so easily disregard the feelings of their future wife, but she can’t give the other girl flak for being angry. Also, let’s not forget that their whole engagement was tainted with cheating rumors that had to come from somewhere.

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Do you think Gigi has a right to be mad?

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