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Michael Cera Achieves Indie Godliness

Just as Luke Skywalker eventually completed his training and became a real Jedi, Michael Cera has completed his Indie training and he’s now achieved the Jedi-esque goal of joining indie rock super group, Mister Heavenly, as their bassist for the entirety of their tour with big name band, Passion Pit.He’s become the de facto shy guy hipster, playing his awkward self time and again in movies like Paper Heart and Juno. Check out this video of Cera fulfilling his destiny in his first show with his new cohorts. He did have to endure some jesting from the crowd about his past roles, but he gets to be an indie God and a rock star at the same time so he better not complain.Even though he tries to stay out of the spotlight for most of the performance, his telltale signature red hat pops up throughout. Next time you try to hide your presence, how about you don’t wear the same outfit you have on in the internet meme featuring that embarrassing prancing photo.

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