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15 Reasons Kenan Thompson Is The Best Person On SNL

Say what you will about Saturday Night Live. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Kenan Thompson makes you laugh every time you watch it. As long as he’s got the power to make us chuckle, we will continue tuning into SNL every Saturday. Stay with us forever Kenan.1. His impressions are spot on:


2. If Kenan wants to be someone, he will be:


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3. There is no greater impresson on SNL than his Steve Harvey:


4. Though his California bro alter ego deserves an honorable mention:


5. He enjoys laughing at himself:


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6. He’s a part of the Beyhive:


7. He gave us the Christmas booty song:


8. He makes the perfect sassy elf:


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9. He got into the Twilight craze:


10. He has no problem dressing up as a woman:


11. Not only are his impressions realistic, they’re just plain ridiculous (and hilarious):



12. If he ever wanted to give up comedy, he’s already got another gig lined up:


13. He doesn’t even need to speak, his face says it all:


14. Really, his face is very expressive:



15. That face + dancing = the best thing to ever happen on SNL.


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