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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 4 “Kindness of Strangers”

From the painting, which depicts Bennet lying in a pool of blood while Claire and West make out, Bennet knows Claire has met a boy. When he questions her about it, she won’t fess up—but of course realizes her involvement with West could get very complicated. At school, Claire tells West she doesn’t think they should hang out anymore. She explains her dad is overprotective (leaving out the part about him being the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses). West wants to meet him, but she quickly nixes that idea. But he does talk Claire into going out on just one date with him.

Later that night, Claire tells her dad she’s going to the library. He follows her out of the house and tries to see where she’s really going. But Claire has already rounded the corner, met West and took off with him into the sky. While sitting on top of the Hollywood sign overlooking L.A., Claire can’t open up to West and tell him everything that’s happened to her. He wants her to trust him, but can we trust West? Not so sure. When she gets home, Claire lies to Bennet about where she was, saying she made the cheerleading squad and was celebrating. Bennet seems relieved and allows her to be a cheerleader–but she absolutely cannot date, for now. Then, when Claire heads up to bed, the Haitian shows up and tells Bennet he has a lead on the paintings. They have to go back to Odessa, Texas.

Maya, Alejandro and their new friend Derek are racing down a dirt road in Claire’s stolen car, making their way to the border. Suddenly they come to a dead stop. Someone is lying in the middle of the road; it’s Sylar. “Help me,” he croaks. OK, so I guess he wasn’t on a remote island after all. 

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Traveling together now, Maya tells Sylar they are going to New York to look for the elder Dr. Soresh, the one who wrote the book. Calling himself Gabriel, Sylar says he knows the man and can help them find him. Maya is thrilled but Alejandro seems a little wary. He should be. Sure, Sylar knows Soresh. He killed him. Later, at a gas station, Derek finds a newspaper with the Maya and Alejandro’s wanted poster on the front page. Derek freaks and shows the paper to Sylar; he wants to immediately ditch them. Sylar tells him to go call the police, while he gets back into the car with the brother and sister team. Sylar shows them the paper and asks them if its true. They nod, and Maya starts to get scared, which turns on her bad black magic. Alejandro grabs her and makes it go away—but not before Sylar has seen the whole thing. That’ll be a nifty power to have, won’t it? Sylar promises to still help them and takes off in the car. Meanwhile, Derek is dead in a pool of blood in the gas station garage, courtesy of master Sylar.

In New Orleans, Micah’s adjusting to living in his new home with his grandmother and two cousins. One of his cousins, the snotty Damon, clearly doesn’t like Micah but his older sister, Monica, is desperate to move up at her fast-food job, taking a test to get into the management program. She tells her best friend at the restaurant, “One storm blows through here and takes away my whole future. My mother, my college education, my dreams.” She wants out of New Orleans. But her manager tells Monica later she isn’t qualified for the management program, especially since she is tied to her grandmother and brother, being the bread winner and all.

But it seems Monica might also have a power. While cutting tomatoes, she looks down to see she has fashioned a rose out of a tomato, something she saw done on TV earlier that morning. Later at home, she’s watching a wrestling match on the TV and she seems connected to it. The next night at the restaurant, a robber comes in and she uses a wrestling move on him to scare him away. “Where did you learn that?,” her manager asks. “On TV,” she replies. Interesting.

In the hospital, Mama Petrelli confesses to Parkman and his partner that she killed Nakamura, for all the reasons they say. And that she tried to kill herself in the station by inflicting the wounds. Parkman, however, doesn’t believe her, so Angela tells Matt in her thoughts to let it go. If they dig further, they’ll find out about them. She’ll take the rap.

Meanwhile, full-bearded Nathan visits his sons at their school. He promises he’ll be home soon, but the teacher makes him go away because he isn’t supposed to be there. What the hell happened to make Nathan fall so hard from grace? Later, he’s shaved his beard, at least, and visits his mom before she’s taken off to jail. He apologizes for telling her she was evil, but she’s knows. And just because he’s shaved, he is still a long way from being clean and sober. He’s got to get his life together, and in helping his mom, he’ll just get killed. She doesn’t want to lose another son. Outside the hospital room, Parkman talks to Nathan. He knows Angela is innocent and asks for Nathan’s help in solving the weird symbol thing. I’m still curious to know what Mama Petrelli’s ability is.

Looking through old photos, Nathan and Matt try to find a clue on what is happening. Nathan pulls out the same photo that was torn in half with Nakamura and Angela in it. In the full photo, it’s a group, including Lindeman, Nathan’s mom and dad, etc. Bob is there, too. Many of the people in the photo are dead, like they have been picked off. But Matt stops dead in his tracks when he notices one of the people in the group—it’s his long-lost father, who left when Matt was 13-years-old. Later, Nathan is still looking through the photos, mostly old pics of his brother. He then looks at himself in the mirror and suddenly sees a horribly scarred reflection of himself looking back at him. He punches the mirror. What the hell?

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Matt is now determined to find his dad; he just might be the key to this whole mess. Of course, Matt needs Molly’s help to do this. But she takes one look at the picture and immediately freaks out. Apparently, the elder Parkman is her nightmare man. Now, that’s a twist. Matt still wants to find him, and maybe Molly, in facing her fears, can stop the nightmares. She decides she’ll do it for Matt. Concentrating, she sees the elder Parkman in Philadelphia, in an apartment. But then Molly starts to flip out, screaming, and falls unconscious from shock. Or is it? Mohinder and Matt are frantic, and then Matt hears Molly scream in his head, “HELP ME, MATT!”

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