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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 19


So, the islands heals, eh?

That doesn’t surprise me. But now I’m wondering about the whole virus-quarantine-vaccination scenario and Rousseau’s team dying mysteriously. How does that factor into the island’s healing powers? I’m desperate to find out Rousseau’s back story. I want to know what HAPPEN to those people, dammit! But I digress…

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We do find out a little more about Bernard and Rose in this episode. I was under the impression Bernard and Rose had been married a long time, weren’t you? But apparently they were actually on their honeymoon in Australia. It flashes back to when Bernard meets Rose and, five months into the relationship, asks her to marry him. But she has some heavy news to tell him before she accepts: she’s dying of cancer and has maybe a year left. Yikes.

While in Australia, Bernard tries to get Rose to see a faith healer in an effort to cure her. Rose clearly isn’t a believer, but goes along with it to satisfy Bernard. And though the healer tells her that he cannot help her, Rose decides to let Bernard think that he did.

Back on the island, Bernard has a sudden urgency to get off the island. He can’t believe how, after two months being stranded, everyone seems to be accepting the fact they are stuck there. Bernard tries to organize everyone into helping him create a big S.O.S. sign on the beach, so if a passing airplane or satellite sees it, they can be rescued. But Rose seems reluctant to help out. In fact, she’s thwarting him at every turn, telling him he shouldn’t give everyone false hope.

Why? Well, it seems the island has cured Rose. She finally tells Bernard the truth, that the faith healer couldn’t help her but that the island has. And in the final flashback we find out that her conviction lies in the fact that she saw John Locke, on his feet on the island, in a wheelchair at the airport. Bernard realizes that Rose doesn’t want to be rescued because she thinks she might get sick again. And in an act of faith and love, Bernard vows to stop work on the SOS and tells her that they will never leave the island. So sweet.

Back in the hatch, Locke attempts to draw the map he saw on the blast door from memory. But his commitment is clearly waning and he leaves the hatch in frustration. It’s not until Rose convinces him to maintain faith, that Locke returns with a sense of renewed purpose and continues drawing.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate go out on a mission to attempt to trade Henry for Walt, even though our bug-eyed friend, who is growing more menacing at every turn, tells Jack they will never give up Walt. I believe him. Jack doesn’t, of course, and in the jungle, tries to call out the enemy, screaming he’ll wait until they show up. And while waiting, Jack and Kate have another “moment.” She says she’s sorry for kissing him. He says he’s not. They almost kiss again, but then…

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Michael stumbles out of the jungle and collapses at their feet. He’s back, finally! Now we can get some answers…but not until next week.

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