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Saturday: ‘It’s Bad for Ya’

[IMG:L]It’s Bad for Ya — 10/9c on HBO

Carlin‘s back, and…more vulgar than ever?

The septuagenarian, who after tonight will have appeared in a hard-to-believe 14 HBO specials, is well aware of his age.

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And on It’s Bad for Ya, those 70-plus years on this earth are just one of his main riffing points.

In true Carlin style, almost every other aspect of life–and death–will be touched upon throughout his stand-up routine, which is performed at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, California.

What else is Carlin fed up with? Doting parents, his fellow oldsters (the elderly), people with too much self esteem, and, well, “stuff that’s bad for ya.”

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