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The Hills, Season 3: Ep. 1 Review

Whitney and Lauren head off to Paris. Poor Lauren has to say goodbye to Brody, but listen, she’s not giving up Paris for another boy. No way, no how. It comes to bite her in the ass, however.

When they get to Paris, all Whitney and Lauren want to do is get their ball gowns for the big gala they are working with Teen Vogue–instead of picking up the shoes for the models the next day. You know, they’d rather play than do their jobs. Of course, when they do manage to go pick up the shoes, the store is closed! Oh no, whatever will they do?

The girls leisurely get ready for the photo shoot–and yes, they get the shoes. At the photo shoot, Lauren sneaks off to call Audrina back in L.A. and finds out Brody was with some other girl, calling her his girlfriend. Nice. Whitney thinks they should hit up on some French guys and have some of their own fun. And do they ever with an invitation to the Eiffel Tower with cute guys and champagne. A French guitarist named Mathias digs Lauren. Prospects are looking up.

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The next day, the boys call asking Lauren and Whitney to meet them at a fancy club. Lauren doesn’t like what she brought to wear, so she decides to alter her ball gown slightly. Can she do that without ruining the dress? Hmmm. I see a disaster in the making. And indeed it happens–a curling iron left on burns the dress in spots. Lauren is flipping out–but luckily, she gets another dress.

This is a reality show? Seems very staged to me.

Meanwhile, Heidi goes to visit her mom in Colorado after another blowout with Spencer. Mom says, “You have to figure out what you want for yourself.” Heidi knows they both need a lot of work on the relationship. Heidi’s mom wants her to work on herself for awhile. Awww.

Spencer is, like, totally bummed Heidi left–even though he left her once before. His sister tells him like it is: give her her space, but he doesn’t listen and goes to Colorado to see her anyway. Heidi isn’t too pleased to see him. He really tries hard to say his sorry, but Heidi isn’t buying it. She wants to time by herself and tearfully says goodbye. I say good riddance!

Back in Paris, the debutante ball is a success, but the Teen Vogue senior editor doesn’t think Whitney is really fitted for the magazine life. She agrees and decides she wants to move more into styling. Later, Lauren rides off with Mathias for a quick Vespa ride around the City of Lights–but with a quick peck to the cheek, she says adieu. The girls head back to L.A.

Back to reality, so to speak.

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