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15 Things the Royals Have Done That Made Us Super Jealous

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so fascinating, even from across the pond. The beautiful couple captivated us with their love and beauty when they announced their relationship and have been followed closely by many ever since. They have also gotten to do some of the most fun and exciting things (yacht vacations, celebrity introductions, etc.).

1. Let’s start with having the most perfect wedding. 

2. They had courtside seats to a Nets vs. Cavaliers game and even met Lebron James. 

3. Kate got to meet the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour.

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4. Prince William was a part of a jam session with Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. 

5. They got to celebrate St. Patty’s day like this:

6. They visited the 911 Memorial and left a touching bouquet and note. 

7. They get to go to amazing sporting events like the women’s 200m backstroke at the Olympics. 

8. Kate hangs out with UK Scouts and pretty much makes every kid’s day.

9. Occasionally, children even mistake her for a Frozen princess.

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10. They play with wands at the Warner Brother Studios, where the Harry Potter films were produced.

11. They even meet Helena Bonham, the actress that played Bellatrix in the series. 

12. William got to present the Fellowship BAFTA to Dame Helen Mirren. 

13. They learned to dance in Tuvalu, but maybe William still needs to work on that. 

14. William casually chatted to the President about fatherhood.

15. Most importantly, they met “American Royalty,” Beyonce and Jay-Z, on their trip to New York City.

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