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16 Of Jim Gaffigan’s Most Hilarious Tweets

On Twitter, it can be hard to decide which accounts to follow and which ones are best left unfollowed. Luckily, with hilarious people such as Jim Gaffigan sending out creative tweets every day. Jim uses Twitter for the occassional reply and self-promotion, but for the most part it’s mainly commentary and opinions on a variety of subjects. He talks a lot about his kids and about food which is adorable and relatable for mainy viewers. 

1. On losing the Miss Universe Pageant: 

2. On preparing for a blizzard:

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3. That’s not all he had to say about onesies:

4. On a certain popular grocery store:

5. On accidentally ordering the wrong Uber car:

6. On Dunkin Donuts’ campaign:

7. On reality TV:

8. On his personal parental musings:

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9. On memories of being schooled by son:

10. Then on what they learn from him:

11. On how people crack their iPhones:

12. On a new Olympic sport most of us would be great at:

13. On starting the new year off right:

14. On the Chipotle experience:

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15. On attractive people’s breath:

16. Finally, he even comments on the social media site itself: 

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