Naya Rivera Rips On Lea Michele’s Diva Behavior In New Memior

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We knew Naya Rivera’s new tell-all book Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up was going spill some tea, but we didn’t know it was going to spill so much tea! The actress has held nothing back when talking about former co-star Lea Michele.

It’s no secret that Naya and Lea didn’t get along. In 2014, there were rumors that Rivera was booted off the show for complaining about Lea’s bad behavior. Though those rumors turned out to be untrue because Naya returned to the show, they weren’t totally unfounded.

According to a Tumblr fansite dedicated to Naya, Sorry Not Sorry, which comes out September 13th, totally slams Lea and even talks about the incident that was rumored to have gotten Naya fired. 

Apparently, Lea frequently locked herself in her trailer. One time, she stalled production because she was unhappy about rumors she heard. Though she doesn’t name Lea in this particular bit of the book, it’s not really hard to put two and two together.

“She mentions how they absolutely couldn’t do the scene without this person, and the producer said it wasn’t them who spread the rumors, and she claims ‘it sounded like there was a giant, blinking arrow point right at a certain person. so I guess you can throw a b—- fit, lock yourself in your trailer, and stall production, yet still allegedly find the time to leak stories to the press,'” the fansite said.

Naya did confront the producers once she’s had enough (as TMZ reported at the time). This is the incident that’s rumored to have gotten her fired, but if her side of the story is true, we really don’t blame her.

“During the episode Chris wrote with the old people and the dogs, Lea was pulling a diva fit about everything and eventually was locking herself in her trailer. And Naya was ready for them to do a diner scene and she was on her mark with her lines ready and nobody else was, and one of the producers was just chilling on a diner stool and she went up to him and was like ‘Where’s the rest of the scene? Aren’t going to do anything about this?’ and he freaked out and started yelling at her in front of everybody and was was like ‘I’ve been doing this job for 6 years!’ And she was like ‘Yeah, badly,’ quoted the fansite.

She also throws some shade at ex-fiance Big Sean. To be totally honest, he seems like a horrible boyfriend (which isn’t surprising if he really wrote “IDFWU” about her).

“They were fighting like crazy and when Cory died, he was basically like ‘damn that sucks’ and went back to sleep. She was wedding planning and he wouldn’t help, he wouldn’t even give her a guest list of people he wanted there. He was useless.”

Sounds really annoying.


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