10 Simple Life Reminders Caitlyn Jenner Has Taught Us

Caitlyn Jenner‘s historic Vanity Fair cover and accompanying spread has ignited an important conversation around the world about acceptance of self, others, and learning to live in a diverse and constantly changing society. Caitlyn’s courage to be honest with herself and take the steps necessary to live a truly happy and fulfilling life are ear marked by 10 simple and powerful life reminders we easily forget on the normal day-to-day basis.

1. It’s OK to be different from what is considered “normal.”


2. No matter how hard life gets, it’s important to have loved ones to lean on for support.


3. Educating haters on what they don’t understand is better than hiding from them.


4. Just because one activity is seen as more “masculine” or “feminine” doesn’t mean the opposite sex can’t take part.

Vanity Fair/Giphy

5. Regardless of what someone looks like on the outside, we all experience the same emotions.


6. Everyone deserves respect as the person they identify as.

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7. Be kind to others.


8. There’s no shame in “crying it out.”


9. A hug is sometimes the best gift you can give.


10. Smiling and keeping a sense of humor will get you through anything.


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