Young Joe Biden Is Hot AF, And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Okay, it’s official. We’ve lost our minds! After the surprising and, frankly, kind of disgusting outcome of the presidential race, we’ve been turned off from politics. That is until we saw young Joe Biden, and he ignited our fiery passion for listening to old, white men talk about stuff that normally gives us a headache.

Young Joe Biden was hot — like, really, really hot. Seriously, we’d listen to him talk about taxes and healthcare reform all. damn. day.

Just look at that hair and that smile — perfection!

young joe biden

We’re not the only ones who are swooning over Obama’s BFF. The Internet has just about lost their minds over the dreamy former VP.

Everyone is totally freaking out over his hotness.

His hotness has even brought out the scary side of some.

Some people swooned over young Joe and another sexy democrat, young Bernie Sanders.

And some people were horrified, but they still got it because he’s just that damn sexy.

His hotness has sparked a new standard by which we now judge all men.

Joe Biden…you could get it! 

Do you think Joe Biden is hot af? Tell us in the comments!

Editor’s Note: I would have memorized the Constitution and whispered it to Joe at night.

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