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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 22 “Landslide”

As Claire and Peter meet up with Bennet, Parkman and Ted on the New York street, Peter begins uncontrollably absorbing Ted’s nuclear power. He looks to Claire, to say “Shoot me if I can’t stop this,” but is finally able to turn off the juice. Whew.

Bennet didn’t even know Peter was Claire’s uncle, but he tells Claire their plans to “take out” the tracking system so all the special ones can never be found. Claire doubts they can have a normal life even if Bennet’s plan works. He tells Claire and Peter to take Ted to a small town to hide out, while Bennet and Parkman resume their mission. But Sylar is lurking nearby and has seen what Nuclear Ted can do, deciding very quickly he’s got to him some of THAT. So, he lets the Feds know where Ted is, who swarm in to arrest him, while Claire and Peter get away. And then later, as they are transporting Ted in an armored vehicle, Sylar crashes the truck, opens the back and cuts Ted’s head open.

Meanwhile, Nathan worries about the polls and the means to his victory. Linderman reveals that Nathan’s dad was like them but gave up when he couldn’t change the world. Linderman says the elder Petrelli was weak. Nathan’s wife comes in in her wheelchair and interrupts their conversation. Linderman knows its time to leave, but before he goes, he tells Nathan’s wife her husband is about to be a very powerful man and gives her a little victory gift—he heals her by touching her hand. She can now walk again. Nathan calls it a miracle but knows the truth.

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Micah tells Candice she sure can eat and she admits she’s really fat. Hmmm, so maybe the hot Candice we are seeing really isn’t the real Candice. Interesting. Linderman arrives and promises Micah he can go home right after he does one favor for him. Candice takes Micah to a voting station and asks Micah to rig the election by making all the machines everywhere vote for Nathan. Nifty trick.

Later, DL and Jessica appear in Nathan’s office, right after winning he has just won in a landslide. They demand to know where Linderman is. They tell Nathan Linderman has kidnapped Micah. Nathan points them in the old man’s direction but warns them they better succeed in killing Linderman or they are all going to be in some serious trouble.

In other parts of New York, Hiro mopes about his broken sword and screwing up his chance to kill Sylar. Ando breaks out the yellow pages to get the sword fixed. Like you’d find someone who could fix an age-old samurai sword in the YELLOW PAGES. Please. Regardless, they show up in the shop and who should appear? Hiro’s dad, who has been waiting for them. He’s been in the States the whole time to observe Hiro and is proud Hiro is the one Nakamura to save the world. But he needs training with the sword. In classic sports movie fashion, Hiro gets really good fast. When finished, he finds that Ando has already bought a sword to take on Sylar himself.

Parkman and Mr. Bennet break into the headquarters. Molly has gotten better with Mohinder’s antibodies and is able to start using her power again. In fact, she locates Parkman in the building, saying he is her “other hero”. Oh right, Parkman saved her from Sylar at the beginning of the season. In the building, Matt and Bennet make their way, but Thompson almost stops them—until Bennet is able to sneak up on Thompson and shoot him in the head. Parkman and Bennet get into Molly’s room. Parkman realizes SHE’S the tracking system and is stunned. Bennet is, too, since he knew it was a person but didn’t realize it’s a little girl. How can they shoot a little girl? But Mohinder is there and he doesn’t give them the chance. He pulls a gun to protect her and it’s a Mexican standoff.

DL and Jessica reach Linderman. The old man tells them he constructed their relationship and wants some credit for it. He thinks he has control over Jessica and offers to pay her $20 million to kill DL. She’s tempted, but Nikki comes back just in the nick of time. Linderman pulls a gun, but DL takes the bullet for her. Wounded, DL still manages to stick his hand into Linderman’s head and kill him. Lying in Nikki’s arms, DL says what they had was real, and Nikki was always the strong one.

Meanwhile, Peter and Claire are stuck in traffic on their way out of town, but they quickly see what the hold up is: the overturned van with Ted missing the top of his head. Crap. Now they know Sylar has Ted’s powers—and that can’t be good. Elsewhere, Sylar stands on top of a building, storm clouds brewing, practicing his newfound power with flaming fists.

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