A Very Hollywood Halloween: Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from Movies/TV

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Hey Hollywooders! Looking for fun costumes for your Halloweekend that you can put together in no time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 last-minute HollyGOOD Halloween costume ideas from your favorite movies and TV shows!

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: WandaVision

Earlier this year, the Emmy award-winning WandaVision took the world by storm. So, what’s better than dressing up as the characters from the Disney+ series this Halloween? If you have decade-specific clothes lying around your house, you could be Wanda, Vision, or Agnes from any episode of WandaVision!

Although perhaps the easiest episode to design your costume after is the 7th episode which is based on 2010s sitcoms! If you’re looking to be Wanda from this episode grab a navy blue t-shirt, a red zip-up hoodie, gray sweatpants, and white tennis shoes! To get the full Wanda look, part your hair slightly to the side, leave some pieces out in the front, and tie your hair in a low ponytail.

If you want your costume to be Agnes from the 7th episode, gather together a navy blue sweater, a collared shirt (preferably purple), and jeans. Then, tie your hair in a high messy bun and leave some pieces of hair out in the front to frame your face!

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Free Guy

Think it’d be cool to dress up as a character from Ryan Reynolds’ latest box office hit? Then look no further! This costume from Free Guy is one of the simplest on this list. All you’ll need to become the main character, Guy, is a blue short-sleeve shirt, a tie, and a name tag that says “GUY.” The name tag can easily be DIYed with copy paper or an index card, tape, and markers!

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Family Guy

Dressing up as the Griffins from Family Guy is a great option if you’re looking for a costume idea the whole family can participate in! Most of the items for your ensembles are articles of clothing that you’ll be able to find in your closet.

For Peter, get together a white button-up shirt, glasses, green pants, and a black belt. If you’re dressing up as Lois, try a green button-up shirt, khakis, and red lipstick. For Chris, you’ll want a blue shirt, a baseball cap, black pants, and white tennis shoes. To go as Meg, you’ll need a pink shirt, jeans, a pink beanie, and big, round glasses.

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Stewie and Brian would also work great as a best friends costume idea! For Stewie, simply put on a yellow shirt with red pants. If you’re dressing up as Brian, drape yourself in all white, apply black face paint to your nose, and make a collar from red ribbon!

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Twilight

Characters from Twilight are the perfect costumes for any trio or duo. To be Bella Swan, pick out a fall outfit with dark colors and have your hair down! For Edward Cullen, toss on a gray jacket, t-shirt, and dark pants. If you want to go as Jacob Black, just don a black or gray t-shirt, jeans, and work boots.

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Euphoria

If you have a knack for doing elaborate makeup then this is the costume for you! Dressing up as characters from Euphoria is super easy because you can sport your normal, everyday clothes while wearing makeup looks inspired by the show!

You’ll want to buy bright and sparkly eyeshadow, as well as rhinestones and makeup adhesive. There are countless makeup tutorials online to follow to achieve the perfect Euphoria-inspired look. Check out this video of Euphoria’s own Hunter Schafer and makeup artist Nina Park breaking down different eye looks:

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Hocus Pocus

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than dressing up as the kids from Hocus Pocus? To go as Max Dennison, wear a bomber jacket, a gray t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

If you’re dressing up a Dani, you’ll need an orange dress and a witch hat!

To be Allison, gather a white shirt, tan jacket, light-wash jeans, black shoes, and a necklace. Be sure to part your hair on the side!

If you’re looking to go as Binx, you have 2 options as to how you can recreate his character: human or cat form! For Binx the cat, you can deck yourself out in all black and attach cat ears to your head. For a Thackery Binx costume, all that’s required is an oversized white long-sleeve shirt and brown pants.

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: The Office

It’s super easy to go as employees of Dunder Mifflin for Halloween; just throw on some business attire! If you want to dress as certain characters from The Office, there are simple outfits you can put together to make sure your costume stands out.

Want to trick or treat as Pam? Wear a cardigan over your outfit and clip half of your hair up in the back!

For Dwight, slip on a short-sleeve button-up shirt, a tie, and glasses. Also, be sure to part your hair in the middle! If you have a suit at home, then you already have an easy Michael Scott costume! Tie a bandana or handkerchief around your head and then you’re “Prison Mike!”

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Pulp Fiction

Dressing as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is the perfect friend/couple costume! If you have a black suit at home, then your Vincent Vega getup is all set to go! For Mia Wallace, grab a white button-down shirt, black pants, black heels, and red lipstick. To complete the look, try to find a black bob wig with bangs!

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Pretty Little Liars

If you’re looking for an easily recognizable group costume, then look no further than the 4 main characters of Pretty Little Liars. The only things necessary to recreate the look from the iconic PLL intro is to don all-black outfits and dark makeup! If you want to expand the group to include a fifth person, have them be Alison from later seasons of the show.

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas: Knives Out 

Probably the most simple costume on this list is Ransom Drysdale from the 2019 mystery film Knives Out. All this costume calls for is a white or off-white cable knit sweater, dark pants, and dress shoes.

With the internet going crazy after seeing Chris Evans in his Knives Out sweater, people are bound to know who you’re dressed as! If you really want to get into the costume, you can also add a long, brown coat, black sunglasses, and a scarf. Bonus points if you rip up the cuffs of your sweater a little bit to match Ransom’s!

Looking for some spookier costume ideas from Halloween movies? Check out our Scary and Not Scary Halloween Movie guides for some inspiration!

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