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Chris Harrison: 10 Reasons He Should Be The Next ‘Bachelor’

chris harrisonChris Harrison, the next Bachelor? It’s a scenario we feel guilty for considering, following news that the Bachelor host and his wife have decided to go their separate ways. Still, now that Harrison is going to be single, would he switch roles with the likes of Ben Flajnik, Jake Pavelka, and Brad Womack? Sure, fans might have been excited when Emily Maynard was announced as The Bachelorette, but imagine the hype that would surround Harrison if he chose to start his own journey to find love. Twist!

Turns out Harrison might just be a perfect fit The Bachelor. Here are 10 reasons we’re hoping the host becomes the star of the franchise (The Bachelor: Host My Heart? Just a suggestion, ABC!):

1. He’s been a part of the Bachelor franchise since the get-go, which means he knows how to produce a reality TV moment of Ben-Courtney skinny dipping proportions. 

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2. Prep time for a new season could be cut in half — no need to spend hours rehearsing lines with Harrison. After 23 seasons, he must already know every famous cliché Bachelor line. Maybe, though, he will actually mean it when he says, “I’m falling,” or that he’s “ready to find love,” or that he has those “love feelings,” that aren’t like envy, or even hungry.

3. Fans love Bachelors who are also fathers — and Harrison has two young children. Just look at Jason Mesnick’s success. And, lest we forget, Emily Maynard and her adorable daughter Ricki.

4. Harrison calls all the former contestants his friends, so perhaps maybe Ashley Hebert, Ali Fedotowsky, and Vienna Girardi could all give him sound advice. Like “don’t do this show.”

5. After watching approximately 92 hometown dates, Harrison is already an expert at meeting the parents.

6. Harrison could have the wherewithal to plan the most amazing date yet. Imagine it: The host takes his date on a helicopter to a private island that has yet to be discovered near Fiji only to find the Crown Jewels buried there. Then the two meet up with Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan to head to a meeting of the Secret (Seacrest) Society of Reality Hosts. Yes, on The Bachelor, fairy tales and fiction do come true.

7. Neil Lane would donate the biggest, most spectacular ring we have ever seen. Sorry Maynard, but whatever ring you are sporting right now (if you are wearing one) won’t even compare to the one that Harrison’s fiancée would be rocking.

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8. The drama and cat fights would be even more intense — after all, the girls would at last be fighting for a real celebrity! (Sorry, Charlie O’Connell doesn’t count.) This means more evil Bentley Williams types. Mwahaha.

9. The best limo arrivals ever. Sorry Lindzi Cox, but your horse won’t cut it this time.

10. The time it takes to film a rose ceremony would be cut in half since Harrison knows the procedure so well. He’s an expert. And do you know what this means for the final rose ceremony? The runner-up won’t be hanging out in a helicopter for hours at a time or circling an island on a boat for an additional reshoot. Yay reality!

Do you think Harrison should be The Bachelor?

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