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‘iCarly’ Season 2: Gags, Gen Z Lingo, & The Return Of Some Favorites

Our favorite millennial web star is back in iCarly season 2! The season begins following the events of the first, with Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) caught in the middle of a love triangle and navigating her web show as a 26-year-old. 

Fans already got a first look at the season with a trailer that dropped on March 2nd. In the trailer, the gang seems to be involved in more shenanigans, including a boxing match and even a musical legends party? We even got a first-hand look at some special guests, including Drake and Josh legend Josh Peck!

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As the first 2 episodes of the season drop today, here’s what to expect.

iCarly season 2 amps up the mature dialogue

Season 1 of iCarly emphasized to viewers that it wasn’t going the PG route of its former series. Instead, the show reflects that the characters are now adults by talking about sex, expressing gender fluidity, and yelling many expletives. And season 2 is no different.

The season begins with a comical but nonchalant discussion about parasites in the nether regions. All the characters throw in curses like it’s just a part of their vocabulary; even Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett), the youngest of the bunch, says an occasional “hell” once in a while. This is not your 13-year-old iCarly. That’s what makes it work. The characters still have that nostalgic feel, but the conversations aren’t softened. The characters have grown, and so has its audience. I’m actually craving more adult themes that I hope are established in later episodes.

It captures social commentary in a productive way

It’s challenging to balance commentary on current issues without sounding preachy. It seems as though iCarly has found its voice amongst an influx of Gen Z material. Yes, Harper (Laci Mosley) and Millicent might call each other the overused Gen Z term, “Bestie,” but this falls under a larger question, “How does Gen Z lingo determine our proximity to coolness? And why?”

iCarly season 2 also highlights the problems with Gen Z influencer culture. In Episode 1, ‘iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now,” the internet has turned on Carly for her decisions regarding her love life. While Carly hatches a plan to remove the blame, her lies catch up to her. She’s not the only female influencer facing online scrutiny; studies show that it’s a constant battle for female influencers. Along with the further rise of “alpha male” podcasters spewing misogynistic claims, iCarly is just touching the surface of hate culture and sexism within social media. It’s also opening a more significant dialogue, bringing comedy and social commentary together.

The casts’ chemistry in iCarly season 2 is still going strong

iCarly Season 2 keeps its magic with the organic relationships between the characters. While I love Harper and Carly’s roommate friendship, Carly and Freddie’s (Nathan Kress) relationship is the backbone of the series. The two might have grown and changed, but their adoration and care for each other keep the show alive; It also keeps my “Creddie” hopes going, even though the 2 are platonic at the moment.

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Carly’s older brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) and the 11-year-old Millicent might at first glance, look out of the place with all these 20-something characters, but they bring different energies. Spencer continues with his chaotic attempt at professionalism with some help from the spunky Millicent. Maybe don’t put those 2 in charge of a big work party?

We get to see old characters return

The best part of revivals is seeing all your favorite characters return from childhood! We always wonder where all of these people end up, and iCarly season 2 answers some of those questions. In episode 2, “iObject, Lewbert!,” the cranky and eccentric ex-doorman Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) makes an appearance seeking some legal revenge. We even get to see Gibby’s younger brother Guppy (Ethan Munck)! I’m waiting on some more characters to make their return later in the season— I’m rooting for Gibby.

Catch the first 2 episodes of iCarly season 2 now on Paramount+!

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