26 Things Only ‘Supernatural’ Fans Can Understand

If you’re a part of the Supernatural fandom, then you know this show is more than just two really handsome guys riding around in a car and squinting at things, as some people might like to believe. There’s also angels and demons and stuff. Oh, and pie.

1. How we all felt after arriving in this fandom:The CW/tumblr.com

Wrecking ball? No, Supernatural came in like a mac truck, bulldozing our feels.

2. The time we all face-palmed when Sam said this:

The CW/Tumblr

3. This is the most accurate description of the first half of the series you’ve ever read:



4. You’re now able to say this whenever asked “how something is”:

The CW/Tumblr

5. Your face every time the Winchester boys are being stupid:

The CW/tumblr.com

6. This epic Mulan + Supernatural mashup:

The CW/Tumblr

7. This “Just Winchester Things” moment:

The CW/justwinchesterthingz.tumblr.com


8. The time this “soulmate” theory made us all want to die from laughing:

The CW/Tumblr

9. Seriously, could Sam’s hair get any longer?

The CW/tumblr.com

10. One of the most important things to Dean Winchester:

The CW/scorpio-life.tumblr.com

11. We’ve had demons, angels, Leviathan, ghosts, shapeshifters, so you’re just waiting for them to deal with this:

The CW/nightmash.tumblr.com

And you know you’re a true Supernatural fan because you would still watch if there were aliens.

12. This isn’t weird, this is just Dean Winchester:


13. There is nothing funnier in this world than Dean and Castiel’s relationship:

The CW/winchestergifs.tumblr.com

14. This Mean Girls + Supernatural joke is the most hysterical thing ever:

The CWmake-room-for-castiel.tumblr.com

15. When you find another Supernatural fan:

Tumblr/The CW

16. You know that the least sexual character on this show is actually the most sexual:


17. You know that being productive and being in this fandom does not mix:

The CW/dean-luvs-pie.tumblr.com

18. You think it’s sweet that Dean named an ice cream flavor after Sammy:


19. Everyone knows that Jared isn’t afraid of fan art, but he is a critic:


20. Cards Against Humanity: Supernatural edition:

The CW/adam-wants-out-of-hell.tumblr.com

21. Everyone thinks Cas and Dean are so funny, but we all know Sam has his moments:

The CW/just-another-british-bloger.tumblr.com

22. The Winchesters Vampire Policy:

The CW/fyeahfunny1.tumblr.com

23. This Harry Potter + Supernartual combo fits so effortlessly:


The CW/msjmcollins.tumblr.com

24. That time Cas tried to be God:

The CW/justwinchesterthingz.tumblr.com

25. For the Bobby lovers:



26. We all know those Winchester boys will never, ever learn:

The CW/stayclasssupernatural.tumblr.com

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