Drunk Leslie Knope, Our Hero

Drunk Leslie Knope, Our Hero

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler, Parks and RecreationNBC

We suppose it would stunt the show’s creativity to demand that Amy Poehler be required to play Drunk Leslie Knope in every single episode, but wouldn’t it also be worth it? Loaded Leslie is one of the great joys of Parks and Recreation, and though her appearances are rare, they are memorable. To say the least. While we wait somewhat patiently for the show’s fall hiatus to end, let’s crack open a cold one and reflect on some of her finest and tipsiest moments.

Leslie vs. Ron’s Mom

In season four episode “Ron and Tammys,” Leslie takes one Team Ron. When his ex (Tammy 1) and mother (Tammy 0) face off over him with a bottle of homemade mash, Leslie enters the contest to save Ron from both of them. She wasn’t able to hang, but did gift us with our new favorite party mantra: “Everybody pants now.”

Take it easy on the Snake Juice

Leslie wasn’t the only one stumbling around the Snakehole Lounge at the launch of Tom’s new lifestyle liquor. But while everyone else was dancing in tiny hats and making dated Howard Stern references, Leslie and Ann were having their first real BFF fight. Luckily, they’re both feeling embarrassed and chastened enough in the next day’s hangover haze to make up quickly.

“Practice Date”

In one of the best episodes of the series’ early days, Leslie is so nervous to be going on a date with Officer Dave (Louis C.K.) that she enlists Ann to take her out on a dress rehearsal. Too drunk and way too confident, she shows up at Dave’s door a day early to tell him what that chair in the bathroom is called. If you have the DVDs, watch the gag reel of this episode to see how often Amy made Louis break when they improv-ed this scene.

“Blah blah blah, Poker Face….”

Leslie becomes queen of the Pawnee gay community and thereby guest of honor at club “The Bulge” when she holds a marriage ceremony for the zoo’s same-sex penguin couple. “You know why tonight is so much fun? Because everyone is so gay.”