Jesse Eisenberg’s SNL Promos Are So Great!

I do not know about you, but I’m CRAZY excited for Jesse Eisenberg to host SNL this weekend. Aren’t you? I mean, just look at these two showstopping promos! Bill Hader has never looked better! Not ever! And it’s definitely certainly because he’s standing next to a guy who confuses collared shirts for devices of warmth! Ah geez, this is going to be so great. What an enthusiastic night we’re in for this Saturday! A truly and utterly an enthusiastic one! Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if a chandelier fell from the top of the opera house that is 8H because of all the crazy excitement going on. I seriously wouldn’t! I’m really expecting some magnificent display of talent that’s been properly warmed up by ferocious games of Zip Zap Zop to just jut out of everything! Don’t you think this is going to be great? I do. I really do. FORGET ABOUT NICKY MINAJ FOR A SECOND. PRETEND SHE IS AS WORTHLESS AS AN OLIVE WITHOUT A PIMENTO. I don’t care if you have to slice your eyeballs in half to see the tiny goatee that is growing under Eisenberg’s lower lip, but it’s so fantastic and we’re so lucky that a) it’s going to be on Saturday night too, and b) that Eisenberg can’t see it.