See What Young Jenny From ‘Forrest Gump’ Looks Like Now!

Actress Hanna Hall‘s very first acting role was playing the unforgettable younger version of Robin Wright‘s Jenny in Forrest Gump. Despite having far less screen time in the film, Hall’s Jenny is the one who likely springs to mind when most people think about the film for a very good reason:

jenny forrest gump

It’s the young version of the character who gets to deliver most of the best Jenny lines in the film.

jenny forrest gump

While I was on a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend binge this past week, I had a brief moment where I wondered if there was any possibility that Rachel Bloom could be the actress who played Cecilia Lisbon in one of my favorite movies, The Virgin Suicides. She’s not. (And you can argue with me in the comments section if you don’t think they look alike, but they TOTALLY DO.)

But the trip down the IMDB rabbit hole proved valuable in that I learned Cecilia was played by Hanna Hall! Virgin Suicides was her next major film role after Forrest Gump, and saw her once again delivering some of the best lines in the film:

jenny forrest gump

So, if she didn’t grow up to look exactly like Rachel Bloom, what does she look like now? Click below to see for yourself! 



Since those iconic ’90s roles, Hall has appeared in the Rob Zombie reboot of Halloween and on shows like Criminal Minds and Masters of Sex. She graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2005 and has mostly been directing since. According to her Kickstarter biography, she “is now committed to committing professional suicide by directing underground theater. It is her way of sweetly strangling the lame commercial world that robbed her of a childhood.”

Jeez! Tell us how you really feel, Hanna.