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What it was like to watch Godzilla vs. Kong in a movie theater

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After looking up movies in theaters, and scrolling through the different movie showtimes and seats available, I decided to get a movie ticket for Godzilla vs. Kong, one of the many new movie releases out now in movie theaters. 

Last night, I headed to the Cinemark movie theater near me, and let me tell you, it was uhhh-maaa-zing to be back in a movie theater. I followed our handy guide filled with tips for safely heading back to the movie theater and couldn’t want to get my hands on a greasy bag of movie theater popcorn and other movie theater snacks.

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Cinemark was maybe even more excited than me, lol.

Without further ado, here’s a raw and unfiltered list of every thought that went through my head while watching the new movie release Godzilla vs. Kong at my local movie theater. Godzilla vs. Kong stars Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgård, Julian Dennison, and Rebecca Hall and promises loads of action.

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I got to the movie theater at 3:55pm for the 4:00pm movie showtime. It was easy to scan the code after buying my tickets online, but now that I see a line full of people at concessions, I’m wondering why I didn’t pre-order snacks. 

At some point while waiting in line, my best friend/roommate who came with me says “why can’t we bring Sadie?” Sadie is our little dog and watching a movie without her is one of the few cons of watching a movie in theaters.

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The movie theater snacks made the short wait in line worth it. 

Can you smell the movie theater popcorn in this tweet?

We get to our seats in plenty of time to catch the previews and I was immediately blown away by the big screen. I felt like a kid going to the movie theater for the first time ever.

There is something so exciting about watching the previews. While some might complain about having to wait for the movie to start, I feel like it sets the scene and gets me in the mindset to kick back and watch a movie.

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Just before the movie starts, someone stood up and says “Thank you guys for coming out, I appreciate it.” He then left the theater. It made me feel heroic for deciding to come to a movie on premiere day. No one thanks me when I stream a movie at home.

At this point, the movie starts, and instantly I feel like I’m a part of the story. The sound system was unlike anything I have at home, and the screen just completely wrapped me up. Although I brought a notepad to take notes without lighting up my phone screen, my notes stopped at this point because the story drew me in.

I promised I wouldn’t include any spoilers in my recap of the experience, so instead I’ll share highlights of my experience.

I didn’t look at my phone for over two hours. I don’t think I go that long without checking my phone at home unless I’m sleeping. This made me much more absorbed in the story.

The reclining chair was so spacious and cozy. While everyone was distanced and wearing masks other than when they were eating or drinking, it felt really nice to collectively experience the movie together.

Some parts had me laughing, and I could hear other people laughing too. At one point during a fighting scene, the guy a few chairs down from me lifted his arms in victory, and it was just so wholesome to watch.

Walking out of the movie theater and into the sunlight was a disorienting yet wonderful experience. It looked like a rain shower had passed through during the movie, but we had no idea because we were basically transported to another dimension while watching the film.

I heard a little kid growling and pretending to be Godzilla as we got to our car in the parking lot. There’s just something so cute about seeing how fellow movie goers reacted to the movie.

While drafting this article, I asked my roommate if she had anything to add about our movie theater experience. “We’ve been watching TV on the same screen for a while. It was really thrilling to see it on big, ya know? And also, FUN.” Clearly I’m the one who has a way with words, lol.

Seriously though, watching a movie in theatres was a stimulating experience that I didn’t realize I missed until I was back in the movie theater itself. I’m already thinking about what movie to go see next.

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I can confirm that it’s 100% worth watching new movies in theatres.

Buy movie tickets for Godzilla vs. Kong right here or stream it on HBO Max. Honestly, go watch it in theaters. You’ll be happy you did!

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