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7 Times ‘Batman ’66’ Went a Bit Nuts

For Batman fans, the ‘60s show starring Adam West is decidedly “love it or hate it”. Some see it as an embarrassment, reducing a comics icon to a laughing stock. Others embrace the fact that the show found the camp in Batman, ran with it, and produced some of the weirdest, wildest, and most unforgettable moments in the character’s history. Here are a few of them.

1. Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray


The opening to the 1966 spin-off film is rightly remembered for Batman’s absolutely ridiculous fight with a rubber shark while dangling off a rope ladder, in turn dangling off a helicopter piloted by Robin. It’s all capped off by one of Batman’s most specific — and surprisingly useful — gadgets.

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2. Pink Cowl


Apparently, all his other cowls were in the Bat Drycleaner that day.

3. The Player Piano Paper Puncher

Incredible for too many reasons to list them all. There’s the fact that the guest villain was played by Liberace. That he trapped Batman and Robin in a paper puncher for player piano music. Or maybe that they somehow escaped by yodelling nonsense — all thanks to Batman’s perfect pitch.

4. Surfing with the Joker

Pop Vinyls

I could look up why this happened, but really it’s just so much more beautiful not knowing.

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5. Boxing the Riddler


Just… look at that. Wow. Bonus points for the special Bat Boxing Shorts.

6. The Batusi


Long before Prince’s ‘Batdance’, Adam West had his own signature Batman move: the Batusi. Irresistible to men and women alike.

7. Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb

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A scene that needs to be watched in its entirety: two and a half minutes of Adam West running around with a giant novelty bomb, comically incapable of getting rid of it, blocked by nuns, babies, parades, and more. This is truly the Batman we deserve.

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