The 10 Best “All That” Sketches

It’s been over 9 years since the last episode of All That aired, but if you ever watched the show, there’s at least one sketch you can’t forget. “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot” was my favorite. All these years later, this show is still a gold when it comes to sketch comedy. Maybe Saturday Night Live should take some pointers, they’ve already got Kenan Thompson so they’re half way there.

Good Burger


“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” This sketch was so good, it got it’s own spin off movie of the same name.

Everyday French With Pierre Escargot


“May I slap you with my spicy burrito?!” Pierre Escargot is how I know how to speak French fluently AND he taught me how to laugh.

The Inconvenience Store


This is when Nick Cannon first started dressing in drag and we’re mad he doesn’t still do it 10 years later.

Ask Ashley


“Dear Ashley…that’s meeeeee!” Amanda Bynes was so cute as an angry little girl spewing advice to the “idiots” who wrote to ask het questions.

Repairman (Man, man, man, man)


If you didn’t spend the entire sketch repeating Kel’s repair man cry, then you didn’t appreciate this for what it’s worth.

Cooking With Randy and Mandy


This sketch is the reason we all have very intense emotions when it comes to chocolate.

Vital Information


“If you’re a boy and your bra is too tight, I’m uncomfortable!” Lori Beth Denberg is the one who taught us all the information that was vital and necessary to everyday life.

Walter The Earboy


We loved Walter, but his sensitive best friend Pizzaface, is why we all loved and still remember this sketch.



Didn’t like this sketch? What-EVERRR!

The Adventures of Superdude


This was Kenan in his prime.

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